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Why Hiring Promo Models Instead Of Using Your Own Staff Is A Great Idea

| July 13, 2017

Planning an event is not something you do overnight. There is a lot to get organized. If you are planning a promotional event, you should know what can make your event a huge success.

  • Have a purpose – Why are you holding this event – to promote a new product, or service, or maybe a new store? The purpose of the event will drive how you set it up and how you make it flow.
  • Give guests what they want– What do people want at a live event? Entertainment is one thing. You may also want refreshments. Having people mingling in the crowd is a great idea to keep your guests engaged about your brand.
  • Have the right people in place– What people do you need where? You need people mingling with the crowd to meet and greet, and to keep the flow moving towards displays and sign-up areas. Sales people are critical for turning interested visitors into paying customers. Promo models can help.
  • Keep people talking– What do you want people to take away from your event? You want people to want to come back to you – to remember your brand. You want them to spread the word to their friends. You need to make the event something memorable and something they will want to share.

Making all of these components come together is key to having a successful promotional event. But, one of the more important components is having the right people in the right place to ensure a complete success.

Getting the Right People in Place

When you are staffing an event, think about what you need to have happen throughout the event. Are you going to staff the event with your own people or bring in promo models? Your own staff know your business inside and out. They have likely participated in these events before and know may how to handle everything, or almost everything. If your goal is to draw in a big crowd, can your staff handle the all of the guests, and every one of their questions? Can your staff handle every aspect of your event?

One option is to have the owner of the business, or a department manager on the event floor helping out. Seeing the owner or manager of the company can be a big boost for many customers. There is a personal connection for them. However, the owner or manager is only one person. If you have a live event, it is hard to have a single person meet and greet everyone and be available for every question.

What about bringing in some promo models? These models are the perfect solution for staffing your event. They are good at sales – it is part of the job description. They are charming and attractive people. They are experts at customer service. They know how to bring people to them, and therefore, to your brand. These are all definite attributes you want in the people meeting and greeting your potential customers.

Now, you might be thinking, “My current staff can do all that.” That might be true. But, what if you could put your staff to better use. While your staff is definitely the ones to run your business and know its intricacies, why not leave the front-line selling and general questions to promo models. The models can sort out the traffic and bring any questions to your staff. That way, your staff can concentrate on their job and the models can handle the visitors. This is a better use of your staff’s time and makes the most of your event.

While you are bringing in promo models, who else do you need to bring in to staff your event? You may need emcees, wait staff, audio-visual experts, or backstage people to bring everything together. Don’t try to skimp your way through the next event. It will show in how well the event is executed. Plan ahead, get the right people and make it a success.

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