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When You Hire Trained Servers, Your Event Will Rock

| October 12, 2018

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Food and drink has a relaxing effect on people. Think about it. Sitting down to a meal with family and friends is a time to relax, talk, and enjoy the company of those close to you. It is a natural reaction to relax around food and beverages. Even in a business setting or at a professional event, people will relax. This is a great thing for those hosting a live business event. A relaxed person is more open to sales pitches and other marketing efforts.

Hiring trained servers is a way to take your catered event to the next level. You might think the caterer can provide the servers as part of the catering service. That is not the best choice though for many businesses. If the caterer provides the servers, their focus is on doing a good job for their employer, the caterer. When you hire your own servers, their focus is doing a good job for their employer…you. At a business event you are hosting, you want servers focused on you, your guests, and your company.

Why Hire Trained Serving Staff

Why should you hire your own trained serving event staff instead of using the ones provided by the caterer?

  • Extension of Marketing Efforts – You can select servers who are brand ambassadors as well so as to extend your marketing efforts. For example, if you offer products from exotic locations, you want a wait staff that embodies that ideal. The caterer might have a face of All-American teenagers instead of exotic unique looks. It is best to take the choice of faces out of the caterers’ hands.
  • Training in Your Company – You can give basic training about your company to the serving staff. Their focus will be on serving guests. However, if the need arises, they can engage guests intelligently about your company and its products. This avoids the stunned look some people get when confronted with a question they have no clue about. It is better to have someone with working knowledge helping at your company event than someone with no clue.
  • Social and Intelligent – Properly trained servers will be social and intelligent. They give a friendly face to your company and its guests.  Many servers actually are college students or graduates. They are highly intelligent and can engage people of all levels.
    This adds up to a positive experience for guests to remember about your company.
  • Courteous and Engaged – The last thing you want to happen at a social event is a discourteous wait staff. That is another reason to choose the serving staff yourself instead of leaving it to the catering company. You can vet the people and make sure they meet your expectations. They should engage your guests professionally with a smile.

Give Your Company The Advantage

When planning a catered event, you need to think about how to take advantage of all aspects for your company. A trained serving staff can become an extension of your marketing efforts. You can choose attractive people who represent your company and its brand. They can have basic training on your company and engage guests if the occasion arises. With social and intelligent wait staff serving food and drinks, your event will definitely rock.

Hiring a good event staffing agency is the way to go. They have all sorts of staff on hand for your events. You can get trained serving staff, bartenders, and other professionals to make your event special. When you have an important event to handle, bring in the professionals to make it happen.