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When Are Car Show Girls Appropriate To Hire?

| October 17, 2018

CMT Agency Brand Ambassadors

Car shows are great venues for showcasing new cars, antique vehicles, retro rebuilds, and any other special ride you might have. Automobiles are a passion to share with others. Car shows are great places to see new things and see what is coming up in the future. They are a great place to showcase your automotive related business.

Girls and cars are a natural match. At many car shows, you will see pretty girls showcasing cars and demonstrating products. If your company wants to present at a car show, there are plenty of times when car show girls are a great addition to your line-up.

So, when are car show girls appropriate to hire?

Drawing attention to your car show exhibit is the perfect time to bring in the eye candy girls. You want people to come to see your cars and car products. A pretty face is a sure drawing feature that car show enthusiasts actually have come to expect. The attention your exhibit gets is exactly what you need in a large car show. It will help establish your company and get your brand on the map. That is why making the best presentation possible is so important in such a venue.

Girls that work car shows are not mindless mannequins. Many have college degrees and are highly intelligent. They do have a good figure and a pretty face. However, they also are able to talk knowledgeably about your cars or products. They can do demonstrations and engage your show visitors. These girls will keep visitors excited about your line-up and keep your brand up front in even when your guests have left the exhibit.

Car shows with general admission are the perfect places for these models to show your products. You are playing to car enthusiasts who love the combination of girls and cars. Most attendees are male and like to see good-looking women. But, having a few guys in the mix will keep the women happy.

When are car show girls not a good idea?

If you are participating in a show where industry leaders will walk the aisles instead of the public, you need to tone down the flash and bring up the professionalism. Scantily dressed car show girls may not be right for such a venue. You can still use models, but have them in less skimpy attire. They can still help sell your products, just in a more professional manner.

Which models are appropriate for your company exhibit?

You might think all car show girls are the same. That is simply not the case. Depending on your target market, you can select a model that will match your product lines. For example, let’s say your company offers aftermarket parts for exotic cars. Which would you choose: an exotic beauty or an All-American girl? While the All-American girl might work, the exotic beauty would be a better fit for your target market. This is just an example of how you can pick the right model for your products.

If you want to bring in girls for your next car show, the best solution is to find a reputable agency that has the talent you need. It is important to work with an agency that have plenty of girls with experience at car shows. They will give you the intelligent minds and pretty faces you want to help showcase your company and its products. Bring out the girls when you want to grab attention and bring visitors into your car show exhibit.