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What Can Eye Candy Girls Do For My Event?

| June 7, 2018

Eye candy girls…they are the hallmark of many trade shows and live events. But, what is the real value of using girls in your event presentations? They are just window dressing, right?

Actually, there is a lot of value in using eye candy girls. Many companies have known for a long time that using models at a live event will make the entire presentation more successful. Those companies have developed a long-term relationship with agencies that supply event staff just for the boost they get from the girls at their events. These agencies bring on the best talent which shows in the presentations made by their clients.

What are some of the benefits of using eye candy girls at your event?

  • Increase Customer Interest in Your Presentation – Just be honest. A pretty face will draw people. When you have any event, you need to bring people’s interest into the event and keep it there. With eye candy on hand, you have grabbed their attention. You can use event models for many functions. One of the best ways is to mingle with the crowd, engage with customers, and increase the interest level for what you have to say. After your presentation, the models can help hand out promotional materials and guide guests to where they can sign-up for more information or speak with a sales person.
  • Drive Customer Demand for Your Product or Service – You have customer interest increasing at your event. But, eye candy can do much more. They can promote your product to each guest face-to-face. While the personal time is usually brief, an enthusiastic pretty face can tip a person from thinking about a product into actually purchasing one. Your live event can generate leads and even start to drive up demand for the products. That is a great result for any live event.
  • Take Advantage of the Brain Beneath the Eye Candy – You might be surprised at the brains behind the eye candy. Most of the models that work regularly for live events are college students or graduates. Most are veterans of live events and know exactly what they need to do. They are articulate and smart. You can take advantage of that fact. You can have them do demonstrations, talk to customers, and act as spokes models. All of this is just the start of what they can do.
  • Associate a Positive Experience with Your Brand or Company – Your event can either leave a positive impression or a negative one with your guests. You need to make sure that it is a positive one. With the help of models, you can do just that. They can bring excitement levels up. They can be the eye candy that brings your great event over the top. They can engage with your guests and help increase their interest in the event, in your company, and in your brand.

Make sure you take your live events to the next level. Eye candy girls are much more than just window dressing. They will increase interest in your event. They can help make a positive association with your company and brand. That can drive customer interest higher. And, you also have access to a secret weapon… the eye candy exterior is harboring a very intelligent, articulate person. That person can engage customers, hand out promotional materials, and do demonstrations to make your event truly memorable.

If you are ready to bring in eye candy for your live event, CMT Agency is ready to help you! Use the button below to request talent.  We have plenty of models to make your event memorable.