Specialty Talent


| November 19, 2018

What does it take to be successful in the NBA? Well, there are players who have long, sustained careers by doing one thing exceptionally well. Take Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks. He’s managed to turn his 3-point shooting prowess into paychecks for over a decade. But, outside of shooting the 3, he’s not really that effective. He’s actually pretty terrible other than that. That’s why, unless you really follow basketball, you might not have a clue who Kyle Korver is. To really be successful, to be a star, for a single person to become a BRAND, a player must excel at a variety of things, not just one aspect of the game.

This is where someone like LeBron James becomes larger than the game, more than just a basketball player. On the court, there’s nothing he can’t do; shoot the 3, penetrate and finish, post-up, see the floor, defend any position. LeBron can basically play any position on the court, so much so that his team has become position-less, meaning they now just put the 5 best players on the court, no matter the positions. This is allowed by LeBron’s versatility. Off the court, LeBron is quickly becoming a mogul. He’s done SNL, hosted award shows and built his shoe line to the point where it rivals the Jordan brand.

The lesson to take away here: your brand needs to reach people in more than just the traditional ways. This is where the implementation of brand ambassadors, and more importantly versatile and skilled brand ambassadors comes into play.

A brand ambassador can introduce your brand to a new audience. The first impression is always the most important. A brand ambassador is adept at making sure it’s love at first sight. They can also help you launch a new product, falling into the love at first sight category. Why not allow someone trained in introductions to do your introducing for you? A trained brand ambassador can give a new face to your brand, while still keeping your overall tone intact.

Then can also help you target a specific customer or audience. This is where working with a good agency can help. They can match your brand, not only with the best ambassadors, but with the best locations for your events and promos. Whether it be at a bar or tradeshow, the right location mixed with the right ambassadors is a recipe for success. A benefit of this is the relationships you build with the customers and the face-to-face interactions it breeds. It allows your brand to break through the wall and step out from behind the TV or computer screen and give a face to your brand.

Have the versatility of the right brand ambassadors is crucial and CMT Agency is primed to help implement the plan that’s right for your brand.