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Using Local Trade Show Models vs Your Own Staff

| October 9, 2017

Have you been to an airport lately? These days it seems like, on average, the time between boarding and actually flying is longer than the actual flight! This doesn’t even account for the increased cost of travel, which when it comes to the business world, is animportant factor. Who wants to deal with all of that and send an entire staff to an event when there’s an easier solution?

The convenience of working with a respected and reputable staffing agency to staff trade show models almost can’t be measured. Not only are you saving money in travel costs, you’re also allowing your employees to continue with what they do so your day to day operations aren’t brought to a ceasing halt. And you don’t miss a beat. When you work with an agency that knows what what you need, the people hired to work your show will act as an extension of your brand.

When a staffing agency hires local and trained trade show models to work your show they are briefed on your brand and go into the event with the knowledge needed to increase your ROI. These people do this for a living, so they’re fully equipped to hit key talking points, mingle with potential advocates for your brand away from the booth and have the innate ability to draw people in with their energy and charisma. These are traits your current employees might not possess themselves so, not only are you saving money, you’re also improving your brands appearance and approach.

To add to that, local talent also has the added benefit of knowing the people in the area. This gives them a relatability factor that your current employees wouldn’t be able to give. They can take your brands talking points and attributes and apply them to the landscape of what they know to be true about the people in attendance.

Lower cost, charisma, relatability and much less of a headache! Hiring local trade show models can be just the boost your brand needs at your next trade show. At CMT Agency we always have a talented and extensive global roster, ready for your next tradeshow – anywhere in the world.