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Use Trade Show Models (Eye Candy) for Booths, You’ll Love The Attention

| March 28, 2017

eye candy

Have you ever been to a trade show as a visitor? What attracted you to certain booths? You might say a familiar brand or a flashy presentation. Those are both valid reasons why people find some booths more attractive than others.

But, you may not realize that many of the most attractive booths at trade shows use the services of promotional trade show models. These attractive people act as “eye candy” for booths. They attract plenty of attention with their presence. People are drawn to attractive people. That is a fact that science backs up with many years of study and verification. If you are planning to show at a trade show or convention, you need to think about adding some eye candy for booths in your presentation. You will receive more attention than you thought possible.

Here are some of the benefits of using trade show models in your booth:
  • Higher Visitor Numbers – People will come into your booth if you use models. These attractive faces will bring people in. Their intelligent responses and selling of your brand will give you a boost you have not had before. When you bring more people into your booth, you have a better chance to generate leads and ultimately get more customers for the effort.
  • Increase Brand Awareness – When you pair trade show models and your brand, it will work wonders for increasing brand awareness among your target audience. People are more likely to take marketing materials handed to them by a model. They will engage with the model and ask questions about the company. This interaction will help enhance your brand in the minds of potential customers.
  • Engage Visitors – When visitors come into your booth, you‘ll want to engage each one. Engagement is as simple as a smile and a hello. Each visitor deserves the undivided attention of someone in the booth at some point during their visit. It may be just to get promotional materials or to ask questions. Engagement shows you care about that person and the business they could bring your company.
  • Distribute Marketing Materials– Do you want to get your brochures into as many hands as possible? Promotional models can help with that task. They can be responsible for making sure visitors and passers-by get one before they leave the area. This will get your brochure into the hands of people who may not have time to visit your booth. Plus, those brochures are something they can look at later. All of this will help promote your brand within the show.
  • Demonstrate Products – Do you have products you want to show at the trade show booth? If so, you can bring in the pretty faces of trade show models and have them lend a hand. You can pair up one of your staff and a demonstration model. They can hold demonstrations every hour or half hour. This will attract people to come into your booth and to stay to ask questions.

When you bring in eye candy girls and boys for booths, you will benefit your company, your brand, and your products. Work with the right agency to find the right talent. You can train them on your company so they can intelligently engage your visitors and show your products. You will love the attention they bring to your booth and to your brand. For more information, contact +1 404-233-4644 or visit