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Use A Street Team To Gain Some Publicity

| May 9, 2018

Ever seen a public event fall flat because no one attended? Even if you haven’t, it is not a pretty sight. There are a few people milling around while someone stands on stage and tries to give their marketing pitch. The crowd is no more than a dozen people, half of whom just wandered in to the venue to see what was going on. The event dies out eventually when most of those that wandered in leave for more exciting places. That is the last thing you want to have happen at your live event.

When putting together a live event, product kick-off, or an advertising campaign start, you want plenty of people in the crowd and an enthusiastic air for the festivities. To bring people to your live event, you need someone or something to drum up interest in the days and hours before the event even begins.

The way to get that enthusiasm is with street marketing teams.

What Can a Street Team Do For Your Event?

  • Hand Out Fliers – Fliers are great marketing tools for getting people to attend your event. Street marketing teams are perfect ambassadors. They can hand out fliers, promote the event face-to-face, engage people on the streets, and drum up enthusiasm anywhere they might be.
  • Hit Specific Locations – Almost every town has a few hot spots where people gather. Those are the places where you want street marketing teams to hit the ground running. Some areas are popular with the younger crowd while others areas draw families. The street marketers can hit the areas where the event’s target market gathers.
  • Do Metropolitan Blitz – Sometimes you need a blitz in every part of a metropolitan area. This is a great way to drum up excitement for a live event. Street teams can hit the hottest areas around the larger area all at once. They can hand out fliers, raise the excitement levels, and get people to come from all around.
  • Handle Event Excitement – A dull event is not something that will hold a crowd. Once the street teams finish handing out fliers, they can help drum up excitement at the event itself. Have them on the streets out front keeping the crowd excited before the event begins.

This is just a sample of what street team marketing can do for your event. When you want a great deal of publicity for your live event, you cannot beat the attention you get with this marketing.

Events Great for Street Team Marketing

  • Product Introductions – Introducing a new product is the perfect time to bring out the street teams. They can hand out fliers, samples, coupons, and get people excited.
  • Store Opening – Your store opening is the best time to get people to walk through the door. Street teams can get people to come out for the opening and see what your store has to offer.
  • Bar Promotion – Drumming up interest for a bar or nightclub is a great use for guerilla marketing. They can get people out for a grand opening, a live band, or any other special promotion.
  • Live Event – If there were ever a perfect time to put teams on the street for marketing, it is for a live event. People love to attend concerts, see bands, or check out a comedian. The use of street teams is the best way to promote such an event.

These are just a few of the events where a street team can make a significant contribution to the attendance and excitement level.

If any of this sounds good, you need an agency that knows how to put together and train street teams. They have a deep pool of talent from which to pull. They know who the experts are and can add them to these teams. They know the locations where this kind of marketing works best. All of this experience and ability is what you need when using these marketing tactics. Get an agency today.