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Use a National Staffing Team For The Best Services

| April 26, 2018

CMT Agency Global Event Staffing

Is your company expanding its presence around the country? Do you want to introduce your products or services to many cities at the same time? Do you have offices located around the country?

For companies that have gone national, there are times when you need to have people all around the country doing the same thing at the same time. If you are introducing a new product or service, holding simultaneous kick-off events is a great opportunity for public relations and marketing. Bringing in extra talent through a national staffing agency is essential to make your events successful.

Why Use a National Service?

  • Depth and Breadth of Talent – When you use a national team to obtain an event staff, you will find you have a wide pool of talent from which to draw. The agency has plenty of people in their files so you can find the perfect faces and talents for your event. You might want a few brand ambassadors, promotional models, demonstrators, bartenders, and street marketers. If you are hosting a live event, having talent like comedians, acrobats, and even magicians might be in the cards.
  • National Pool of Talent – Do you want the opportunity to schedule events in different cities around the country? If so, you do not want to deal with a dozen different agencies in a dozen different cities. Having a single agency that can handle your needs everywhere makes life much simpler when trying to coordinate multiple events in multiple locations. It allows you to put your mind on getting the rest of the event coordinated.
  • Support Staff with Plenty of National Campaign Experience – Coordinating events across multiple states is a difficult undertaking. If this is not your area of expertise, the smart move is to bring in the experts. Hiring a national staffing company can help.
    They have the staff with the experience and expertise to coordinate the staffing needs at these events. They can help you get the entire process under way and help you make it a success.
  • Offering Talent Management Across the Nation for Multiple Events – Getting talent or promo models for multiple events is a challenge. If you are trying to put together several events at one time, leave the talent management to the professionals. They can pull in people at each location, give you photos and other materials, so you can find the right talent for each event. Once you select the talent you want, you can put that worry out of your head and focus on the rest of the event planning.
  • Training for Event Staff – A national staffing service has a built-in training staff. They know that their clients need knowledgable people on the ground at each event. Using local training as well as teleconference-based training, they can educate the talent on the company, its products, and the reason for the event. This training allows them to become walking ambassadors for the client’s brand. Local agencies may give training, but for events around the country, you need a single message and a coordinated effort.

When you need help staging one or many live events, find an agency that offers a national presence. You will have plenty of talent to select from. You can get talent in just about any location you have in mind. The event staffing agencies have the experience to bring your event together in a professional manner. You will have talented, attractive talent to help your event come to life.