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Top 3 Ways To Utilize A Street Team

| June 26, 2018

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Street teams are the perfect marketing tool when you want to drum up excitement and large crowds. These teams have the training and ability to grab people’s attention and to get them focused on your marketing message.

Now you might be wondering, what kinds of ways can you use one of these teams for your marketing needs? Here are the top three ways to use a street team in your marketing:

Opening a new business location

Whether you are opening your first location or your 50th, you want people to be excited about what your business is going to offer. Street teams can do the work of many during a business opening.

  • They can hit high-traffic locations to pass out fliers and other marketing materials.
  • At the opening, they can drum up excitement in the crowd with pre-opening presentations.
  • During the opening, they can mingle with the crowd to keep the excitement levels up.
  • When people are coming into your new location, they can help direct people to what they want to see.
  • They can get them to sign the visitor ledger (aka lead list).
  • They can answer basic questions about your company, its products, and its brand.

Introducing a new product

Introducing a new product is an exciting time for many companies. It needs to be just as exciting for the crowd of people who come to the product launch. A street team makes this event something your guests will enjoy and remember.

  • If you want to drum up a large crowd, the street team can go out and draw people to your location.
  • The team can pass out samples of your product.
  • Team members can do demonstrations of your product.
  • The team can help answer questions and hand out promotional materials as people are trying the product or watching a demonstration.
  • Street teams also offer a great way to co-market multiple products at the same time.

Live event promotions

Are you going to have a concert or similar live event? If so, then you want people to come out and see what is going on. This is a perfect match for street teams. The team is there from the earliest advertising event to the end of the show, if that is what you want.

  • Have the team fan out to hot spots around the area to hand out fliers for the event.
  • Use the street teams to bolster any pre-event live advertising spots.
  • The team members can help direct people as they arrive and get the crowd excited to be there.
  • During the event, the team members can move through the crowd, have a place on stage, or help in a number of other ways.

Of course you can use street teams in many other ways to advertise and promote your business. In the summer time, for example, these teams are the perfect match for kicking off an outdoor advertising campaign. For companies that sell products to the beach or party crowd, large gatherings are the norm. The team can fan out into the crowd and start drumming up excitement for your product and the campaign you are kicking off.

With so many uses for street marketing teams, you need to consider how you can use them in your own marketing efforts. You need an experienced agency with years of street marketing experience under their belt. The perfect choice is the CMT Agency. We know how to put together street marketing teams with the right talent and train them in your product and your message.

How can you use a street team in your marketing efforts this summer?