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Top 3 Things You Must Consider When Hiring Brand Ambassadors

| September 11, 2019

If you’ve been following our blogs, then you know just how important hiring brand ambassadors can be. Not only are they perfect for getting your brand in front of your target audience, but they’re also great for generating leads, promoting product trials, and increasing the ROI of your efforts.

But for your tradeshow or adult beverage event to be a success, you need to know what to look for when hiring brand ambassadors. This means having a solid understanding of the goals you’re trying to reach and how the brand ambassadors will help you achieve them.

With that in mind, you can move on to hiring your brand ambassadors. In general, there are there 3 things you want to consider when making your hiring decisions: roles, event details, and experience level.

Brand Ambassador Roles
Depending on the event, the role you want your brand ambassadors to play is going to be a huge deciding factor in the hiring process. As you’re well aware, there are many different roles a brand ambassador can take. For example, they can be a host at a conference or product demonstrators at a grocery store event.

The point we’re making is that different roles have different demands, and you must take that into consideration when selecting brand ambassadors for your event. The responsibilities for an adult beverage brand ambassador will be vastly different from that of a greeter at a tradeshow event.

Event Details  
The details of your event will have a direct impact on the brand ambassadors you hire. For one, it will narrow down the number of talent to choose from. Second, the event details such as location, date, and budget will help guide you in making the best decision for your needs.

For example, you may realize that your budget only allows for 5 brand ambassadors. You can then use this information to really hone in on the actual roles you need your ambassadors to take to make your event a success. Alternatively, you may realize that you have to increase your spend to make your event more impactful.

Brand Ambassador Experience Level
Experience level may not seem obvious at first, but a brand ambassador’s experience level plays a huge role in how well they engage with potential clients. This is especially true in tradeshows where your brand ambassadors need to have the experience to educate and engage with potential clients properly.

For example, it might make more sense to free up your sales team time to focus on higher-value tasks and having a brand ambassador take their role for those lower-level asks. In fact, this is what we did when we helped Panasonic at their CES tradeshow event.

We were able to get professional talent to help nurture potential clients via product demonstrations before having the Panasonic sales rep close the deal. In the end, Panasonic was able to meet their lead generation goals and see the ROI of their efforts.

Ensuring that you have the right ambassadors is essential to your next event’s success. The role, event description, and experience all play a part in helping you make that decision. They’re also important in helping you budget your event needs and helping you decide which agency partner to work with.

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