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Tips To Finding The Perfect Promotional Team For Your Next Tradeshow

| July 26, 2018

CMT Agency Promo Models

What do you want to accomplish at your next tradeshow appearance? When you take the time to put up a booth at a tradeshow, you want it to be a success. Before you even arrive at the site, you need to have laid the groundwork to have success. One important aspect of your presence at the tradeshow is to have the right promotional team in place.

Now, you might be thinking that you and your team can handle the promotional side of your tradeshow appearance. It will save some money and your team knows your business better than anyone else. What you may not be thinking about is how your booth can be one with a long line of interested people. You do this by having the right people in the right place at the right time.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect promotional team for your next tradeshow:

  • You need to have some eye candy. Let’s face it. People are drawn to attractive people. Depending on the tradeshow you are attending, you can find the perfect face for your booth. You might want the All-American girl look or the athletic type. With some good-looking people in your booth you will start getting people to pay attention. That is the beginning of getting them to visit and see what you have to offer.
  • You need outgoing people who can grab passers-by and bring them into your booth. People walking up and down the tradeshow floor aisles are wanting to see what is out there. They are looking for something interesting. When you have someone to greet them, hand out promotional material, and get them to walk into your booth, you have increased the chances they will become a customer or at least a lead. Your spokespeople will get a crowd going and that is critical for attracting even more people.
  • You need people who have sales experience.Anyone who is dealing with your booth visitors needs to know how to sell to people. They need to understand your product or service and know how to present it to your target audience. With the right sales people on the floor you will see sales go up and your lead list expand. Promotional models are perfect for your sales front.
  • You need your own people there to answer the hard questions and to close the deals. You can use promotional models to do the up-front selling. They can attract people to the booth, answer many questions, and get them to sign-up to become a lead. Your people can handle any detail questions and get the sales done with interested parties. They can also manage the operations behind the scenes.
  • You need to have an experienced agency to help you put together the right team.Who is going to get you the on-site talent you need? You may be bringing a few of your people with you. But, you need some more people to handle the crowd you want to attract. You need a local talent agency which handles promotional talent and models.  You need CMT Agency. We have the talent pool to help your company at the tradeshow.

When you have all the components of a great tradeshow promotional team working together, you will see the success you want from your appearance. It will enhance your brand appeal. It can introduce your products or services to an entirely new audience. It can generate a lot of solid leads. It can even lead to sales if you have everything in place. You can get all the talent you need for the tradeshow from CMT Agency.

What kind of people do you need to have on your promotional team for success? With more talent, more places and more service, CMT Agency is your one stop for tradeshow promotional staff.  Contact us today for a free quote.