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The Winning Formula For Liquor Promotions In Atlanta

| July 31, 2018

Liquor promotions are an excellent marketing opportunity for bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and night clubs. With a thriving and social population, Atlanta, like many other large cities, is the perfect playground, and is full with locations that are packed with interested buyers – perfect for liquor promotions.

With so many locations primed for your next liquor promotion, here are the ingredients you need for a winning promotional formula:

Choose Your Location and Time

You can go with an on-premise promotion at a restaurant, bar, or night club where patrons can consume liquor on site. These promotions will work most any night of the week and have a captured audience interested in sampling your liquor brands.You can go with an off-premise promotion at a liquor store, grocery, or even a gas station. These promotions are best on the weekends during the afternoon when liquor sales are at the peak levels.  Patrons might not be able to sample your brand, but they can certainly experience your brand.

Make Your Brand Presence Known

When someone comes across your promotional area, they should know exactly what brand is involved. That includes placing banners and signs around the venue. Everyone working the promotion should have a T-shirt (or other piece of clothing) with your brand prominently displayed. If you have tablecloths and napkins then they should also have your logo. This is essential for any promotional set-up and brand awareness.

Get the Best Liquor Promotional Models Ready

A critical ingredient to a successful promotion is to have models as the center piece to your presentation. Promotional models are the face of your brand. They are the ones who will engage with people passing by. They will offer samples (if allowed) and talk about any discounts being offered. They can take pictures with those who come up for a sample to get social media buzz. Promotional models are your affordable on-site and off-site sales people.Offer SamplesPeople love the chance to taste before they buy. By offering samples at an on-premise promotion, you can give them that opportunity. Your promotional models can offer a sample to a passer-by and talk with them while they enjoy the drink. In some situations, samples are not appropriate, but when possible, this is a special ingredient you don’t want to miss.  When sampling is not an option, get creative.  For example, your promotional models can offer flavored sherbert (if your liquor is flavored) or other product to give passers-by a better understanding of what you are selling.

Offer a Special Discount

Offer a discount special for the promotion. The discount could be for a certain sized purchase at a store, or, if on-premise, for any drink incorporating the liquor you are selling at the on-premise promotion. The discounts can be offered by the promotional models who can speak with the person face-to-face.

Make Sure to Have a Giveaway

People will flock to any giveaway at a promotion. It can be something as simple as T-shirts, bottle openers, sunglasses or key chains. You might offer a special giveaway for those who purchase the liquor during the promotion. That will give the models the chance to engage one-on-one with each person as they sign up, and provide a pleasant memory for those who take part. This is a great idea for any promotion, whether on-site or off-site.Picture, Pictures, Pictures!!!Social media can crank your liquor promotions up several notches. Get your models to take pictures with people who take part and post them to social media. This will allow them to share with friends and get the word out. People who were not planning on stopping by will make the effort.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

You need to have well-trained models for your liquor promotions. These models should know how to engage people without being pushy or too sales focused. Their job is to promote the brand and the product being featured. They are providing a beautiful, fun association with both.

You need to work with a professional talent agency who knows how to balance beauty with talent. The agency should have a deep pool of talent that will allow you to find the look you want. The agency should offer support when you need it. That makes all the difference when it comes to success with your liquor promotion events.

With that said, CMT Agency can provide your brand with the best exposure through the use of our talented promotional models, and through our own social media.  Contact CMT Agency today to request a free quote, or click on the button below to learn how a staffing agency can take your brand to the next level!