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The ROI of Trade Show Models

| September 28, 2017

At a trade show, brands do what they can to grab the attention of attendees. There are times when the decision to set up at a trade show turns out to be not such a great investment. Travel costs, employee pay and reimbursement, the physical booth set up and materials. If you don’t achieve a return on your investment when you make the effort it can not only be a drag on your business and brand, it could set you back. The key is getting eyes on your brand and getting your story and message out to those in attendance.

A great and effective way to do that is by implementing the presence of trade show models. If the biggest key to success is eyes, this is sure to to point those eyes in your direction. And then, once the eyes on are on you, professional trade show models are trained and equipped to speak to the key talking points of your brand. They’re able to be more than just a pretty face, they act as advocates of your brand to the masses in attendance.

They have the ability to communicate and the ability to be spokesmen (or spokeswomen) for you brand. At any event you’re looking to establish the face of your brand or business. A face that will last long after the trade show; and a face that will be remembered.

Trade show models can also demonstrate or display a product. If those eyes are already transfixed on your booth you should take the time to show them what’s so great about your brand, not just tell them. Having trade show models demonstrate your product allows them to put on the show and let’s any full time employees you have in attendance do the dirty work of getting the sales done. They bring ‘em in and then you knock ‘em down!

Trade show models can act as your street team, they can leave your booth and mingle with those whose eyes haven’t looked your way yet. They can be implemented as a street team prior to the event, or during, and build awareness that will drive the eyes that aren’t already in attendance. Conducting surveys, taking products to the customers…there’s really no end to what adding trade show models can do you for your brand’s trade show experience. Consider them your trade show secret weapon…but even more effective!

At CMT Agency we have an extensive roster of professional trade show models to help increase your ROI.