Brand Activation

The Power of Promotions

| December 11, 2018

You guys know Fireball? Yeah, you know Fireball. The cinnamon whisky that takes its name from the candy we all hated to enjoy as a kid has swept the nation, from frat houses to dive bars, over the past few years and has become a powerhouse on the shelves, seemingly from out of nowhere. Seriously, think about when you first heard about Fireball. In 2011 a shot of Fireball could be found for $2 at places like The Porter in Atlanta’s Little Five Points. It wasn’t even on the menu, just a seldom asked for, cheap drink that the staff would sneak away to take shots of.

How did all that change? How did Fireball force powerhouses like Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam to get into the cinnamon whisky game? How did Fireball overtake Jagér as America’s favorite shot? Promotions. Fireball is one of the most active brands in terms of liquor promotions. It’s an easily highlightable brand when one points to why you should promote. It’s a brand that figured out their target market and went to them.

What are some effective ways to promote your brand in liquor promotions?

Point of sale displays

Print isn’t dead, no mater what the newsstand may tell you. Strategically placed signage near registers can sway a customer or at least get them thinking and asking questions for their next trip to the store. It’s a simple way to advertise your brand in a high traffic area. Everyone has to pay for their drinks, right?


Though the aforementioned $2 Fireball wasn’t a promotion, it did get some people hooked on the brand for a cheap price. A discount may push your brand to the forefront for the night, and keep them there once people discover how much they love the taste. It’s not a secret that people like to pay less for things.


OMG do people like free stuff! Go to any music festival this summer and I guarantee you that 75% of the sunglasses worn will be adorned with a brand on the frame. It’s like having thousands of walking billboards, billboards that also purchase liquor. T-shirts, keychains, bottle openers, etc… are easy ways to build brand equity.


Utilize social media and have your brand ambassadors snap an Instagram or Facebook picture of potential brand advocates and tag them. People love seeing themselves. Just search #selfie.

Free samples

You’re going to give me a free drink AND it’s going to be from an extremely attractive human being? Sold!

At CMT Agency we’re well equipped to take your brand to the next level through liquor promotions. We have the brand ambassadors, the experience and the know-how to ensure that your brand gets the exposure, the attention and the ROI you seek.  Contact us today.