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The Perfect Recipe for your Promotions

| November 13, 2018

CMT Agency Event StaffingCMT Agency Event Staffing

Instagram is filled with hashtags like #TBT for Throwback Thursday. It’s got images upon images of duck-faced selfies. But, more than anything, it’s got pictures of food. We all love to show off our favorite dishes, whether they’re brought to us by a wait staff member at a five-star restaurant or we grill it ourselves thanks to America’s greatest modern inventor, George Foreman. Food pics don’t just happen, though. To get to the point where a plate of food is in front of you, it has to be prepared. It needs a recipe full of ingredients. Your food picture is your promo. There’s a recipe you need to follow in order to pull off that picture perfect event. Here are some ingredients of a great promotional recipe.

Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors

You know that garnish that you don’t really ever eat but the chef puts it on the plate anyway? They do that to finish off their piece of art. Models and ambassadors are like that. They’re what draw people in to your booth or to your table. Though, unlike that garnish, these hired guns are more than just a pretty face. They’re able to talk about your brand as an extension of your own staff. They’re educated on the finer talking points beforehand and take a professional approach to conveying the finer points of your brand to the consumer. Also, they’re great eye candy that will only help to draw eyes on your brand.

Costume Characters and Mascots

There are a few metaphors you can go with for costume characters and mascots. Are they the dessert? Are they the crayons and color-safe placemats on your table to keep your kids occupied? Either way, they provide a colorful aesthetic to your event. If you can get your potential advocates to equate your brand with fun then you are light years ahead of the curve. Make sure the character matches your brand and let the fun begin.

The Utensils

There are other parts of events you need to make things go smoothly. People like bartenders and wait staff help facilitate larger scale events. Sound engineers and lighting specialists help feature your booth on a more prominent stage. Emcees and demonstrators can lead your messaging. Producers can help tighten things up. The point being, there are a lot of ingredients that go into making a good promo come out Instagram-worthy.

At CMT Agency we work with your brand to make sure you have all the ingredients you need in order to get the results you want. Contact us today to learn more.