Brand Activation

The Perfect Marriage

| December 14, 2018

The divorce rate is at an all-time high. That’s probably a terrible metaphor for anything, but it does prove that a thorough search for the right match, no matter what area of life, is crucial. Your brand needs the right marriage in all facets of business in order to grow to its fullest potential.  If not, things will fizzle out and each party will go their separate ways with less than what they started with.

One area where your brand needs to find the right partner for is the event staffing agency that it utilizes. The wrong match can do more harm than good. Each event is an investment in your brand and trusting the wrong agency with that investment could have dire effects in the outreach of your brand.

The agency has to be the perfect fit for your brand. Ideally you would look for an agency that could staff a variety of different types of events. These agencies will have the deepest rosters. They also need to be people you communicate well with, and have a staff of people that would be enjoyable to work with. If you have a good relationship with your agency, working with each other is less of a business deal and more of a partnership.

As much as you’d like variety in their roster, the agency you choose should also have demonstrated a vast knowledge of your industry. If you’re a liquor brand, they need to have had a solid foot in the door of liquor promotions. Each industry has its own needs and you need a partner who is well equipped for yours.

Also, not only should the staff itself be great to work with, the roster they employ for your events needs to be enthusiastic and knowledgable. They should be professional brand ambassadors who are up to speed on your brand and are excited to bring their knowledge to the public through face to face interactions. This is one of the more vital points that needs to be addressed. In this day and age of social media, a strong face to face interaction is more important than ever.

Whatever their methods, the agency you work with needs to be able to engage the consumer with your messaging. They need to put you first, knowing that if the client is satisfied then the end product will benefit all parties concerned.

CMT Agency would love to be the one to meet your needs in all these areas.  Together we can form the perfect marriage and together we can produce the perfect promotion.