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The Las Vegas Trade Show Models, What’s It All About?

| August 25, 2017

Las Vegas. Sin City. The Gambling, Entertainment, and Marriage Capital of the World. This city, in the middle of the Nevada Desert, draws almost 40 million visitors each year. While many of the city’s guests are there solely for gambling, a good number visit to take part in or browse through a trade show. Every month, the three convention centers and dozens of hotels play host to tons of trade shows.

If you are planning on participating in one of these trade shows, you need to think about how you can present your company in the best light. Using CMT Agency’s  Las Vegas trade show models is the answer. They will take your presentation at the trade show from ordinary to something that your guests will remember. That will boost your company, your brand, and your products.

How can trade show models help enhance your presence on the trade show floor?

  • Boost event energy– Even in the midst of a trade show day, a fresh face does wonders for people visiting the various vendors. You can use promo models as sideline cheerleaders. They can bring a level of excitement to your booth and to any live events you host. They can give demonstrations, act as spokespeople, and hand out marketing materials while engaging with your visitors.
  • Direct guests to a certain area– A trade show model can help guide visitors towards information displays and sign-up areas. A trade show model can gently move your visitors through the display as you want them to. This allows more people to visit your booth and thus improve the impact of your presence.
  • Distribute brochures – A fresh face on the floor is a great way to get visitors to take brochures and other marketing materials. The trade show models can wear clothing with your logo on it to further reinforce your branding. If you are holding a live event, you can use Las Vegas trade show models to distribute flyers to drum up interest.
  • Engage guests – You can provide models with information on the products and promotions you want to focus on for the trade show. They can meet and greet visitors and engage them in conversation about your company, your brand, and your products. A pretty face and your logo will leave a very good impression on your visitors.
  • Generate interest in your brand– Your company may be an unknown. With trade show models mingling among your visitors and handing out brochures and promotional items, you will start to get people to take notice. Your brand will get a boost of interest and that will give your company the same boost.
  • Reduce employee travel costs– If you are planning on a trade show, but your company is on the other side of the country, you have a couple of choices. You can bring enough of your staff to keep the booth manned for the entire show or you can hire Las Vegas trade show models to help out. When you add air travel, hotel, and meals together, you may find the cost of the models is quite reasonable. You can bring a few employees who can train the promotional models and act as the go-to person, but leave everyone else at home.
  • Handle a larger crowd– You may think you can only man a single space at the trade show due to the costs of travel for your staff. However, you can handle a larger space and a larger crowd if you bring in trade show models to back up you and your staff. This will give you a bigger presence in the trade show floor and give you a better opportunity to introduce your company and products.

Trade shows are fantastic opportunities to boost your company and its presence in your industry. Make the most of it. Get Las Vegas trade show models to maximize your efforts. To get new customers, generate brand recognition, and start increasing your profits, Contact Us now.