Brand Activation

The Five-Tool Player

| November 26, 2018

Baseball is a bit different from the other major professional sports in that they have an extensive minor league system. Sure, the NBA has the D-League, hockey the various independent leagues and the NFL the SEC, but none have the reach of the minor league system Major League Baseball has developed. Because of this, the scouting system for baseball is a much more detailed process. The more players, the harder it is to find the diamond in the rough. Baseball scouts have developed a system of tools and their goal is to find a player who is dubbed a “five-tool player.” This designation applies to a prospect who excels at five different abilities; hitting for average, hitting for power, speed, arm strength and the ability to filed their position at a high level. These are the players scouts and general managers aim to build their teams around.

In the same vein, this is the mindset you need to have when placing brand ambassadors at your events. There is a sea of people on rosters who can look the part, or know the product, but may lack in other areas and thus will not be suited to be the face of you brand; which is really what a brand ambassador is at these events. You want to build your staff around “five-tool” brand ambassadors.

The  Five-Tool Brand Ambassador:


Are they an experienced brand ambassador? Have they done this before? Yes, everyone has to start somewhere, but if you have a brand ambassador representing you who has never represented a brand before, it might not go as well as you hope. Do they have experience in your field? This can go both ways. On one hand, it might serve your brand well to have someone who knows your competition inside and out. On the other hand, if they’ve been the face for a competitor in the same market, it could go array. Figure out the right balance for each event.


Have they been trained in the way you want your brand ambassadors to represent your brand? It doesn’t take an extensive course, but, much like having experience, you want someone who has put the time in to being a professional.


Do they approach the job of being a brand ambassador in a professional manner? All to often people are thrown into the role and don’t take it seriously. You want someone who treats your event as the job that it is. You want someone who understands that they are the face for and an extension of your brand.


You not only want a brand ambassador who uses and is influential in social media, you want someone who understands its impact and how to use it. In this day and age, an event has to be in real time. Your brand ambassadors need to be relaying that. At the same time, you don’t want someone representing your brand who barely knows how to represent themselves in social media. You want someone who is smart about what they put out there.


Finally, you want a brand ambassador that knows your brand. If they’ve been trained correctly, they should be able to digest pertinent information instantly and be able to translate that in a way that’s easy for the consumer to understand.

CMT Agency is proud to boast a roster full of five-tool brand ambassadors who are able to be the face for your brand.