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The Advantages of Promoting Your Brand with Costume Characters

| July 30, 2019

CMT Agency Costumed Characters

They don’t speak. Not a word. That would ruin the illusion. But, they say more with silence than most brands do with miles of tag lines and mission statements. Kind of deep when you’re talking about costume characters, huh? But, hyperbole aside, it’s true. Having costume characters at your event can be just the thing that pushes your brand’s image to that point you’ve been trying to reach. Plus, who doesn’t love a costume character?! They’re amazing!

Five advantages of costume characters include:

Lasting Impact

Friend 1: “Remember that brand who had a couple guys sitting at a booth with a sign and polo shirts?”

Friend 2: “No, not really.”

Friend 1: “Remember that brand that had Snoopy handing out sunglasses?”

Friend 2: “Of course! I could never forget Snoopy! That brand was my favorite of the brands!”

A little abstract, but true. Having costume characters at your event makes a lasting impact that people won’t soon forget, especially when you think about the photo opportunities – more memories of your brand shared with more people thanks to social media.

Easily Approachable

With a costume character at your event, a potential supporter of your brand may be more likely to come up and discover what makes you, and your brand, tick than they would if you had a couple of guys or girls from your office trying to lure people in. Why not take every opportunity to bring in new sets of eyes to see what you’ve got to offer?

Bigger Personalities

What better way to show that your brand has a great personality! From superheroes to cartoon characters, from fantasy to sci-fi, and more, you can cultivate your image through pop culture and associate your brand with the image you want to place in the subconscious of the consumer. The sky is the limit.

Separate Your Brand From The Rest

Costume characters will help you stand out from the pack. Just as they are impactful, they can create a definitive advantage for you in a world where any chance to separate yourself from the competition can make a world of difference.

Lots of Fun

Seriously, who doesn’t love a costume character? The more fun your brand appears, the more likable your brand is. Have fun with your brand and play with your audience more with costume characters.

There are many more reasons, but these alone should convince you that having costume characters at your event is the perfect way to portray your brand in a bigger way. The perfect place to hire costume characters for your events is CMT Agency. In addition to our vast wardrobe of costumes on hand, our team works with your team to create the perfect costume for your brand. Be the hero of your company and contact CMT today.