Brand Activation

The Advantages of Face-to-Face Marketing

| September 11, 2018

As we enter even deeper into a social world where most of our interaction is done in the digital space, we are in danger of losing touch with each other in the most humanly way possible. Sure, it’s amazing that technology has gotten us to the point where we are able to keep up with our friends and relatives who we’re not able to see as often as we’d like. It’s incredible that the information we want is a click away, available to us in seconds. The advancements in these fields should only lead us to become more connected. The danger in this is that we may be losing the personal touch. As millennials move into adulthood, they begin to shape the way we market. Twitter followers, Facebook fans, page views; these are all necessary aspects of business, of growing your brand. But, there will always be a place for face-to-face marketing. The human element will never be invaluable.

Personal connection

You’ll never be able to apply the personal of a face-to-face interaction via a Tweet or Facebook post. To involve yourself, whether it’s you, your employees or brand ambassadors, in any real time back-and-forth with potential customers and advocates in person is still the most effective way to make a connection. It’s also the best way for people to be able to approach you with questions about your brand. It is much better to get an answer from a real person than a faceless email or Twitter response. To see the brand up close and personal, to be able to interact with it in real time… that’s how a brand earns advocates.

Builds confidence in the brand

Whether it be at an expo or a promotion at a local favorite spot, the fact that your brand is taking the time to reach out to the public and connect makes a huge impact on the consumer. It shows them that your brand isn’t just a bunch of suits pushing product behind phones and computers. It shows that you value the personal connection that comes from face-to-face marketing. When advocates have confidence in your brand, they are more likely to spread the word, to give you their seal of approval. A bond made during face-to-face marketing with one person may be worth 1,000 Twitter followers.

The consumer comes to you

When you set up at an expo or a promotion, if done right, half of the work is done for you. The advocates and potential customers are coming to you. It’s your brand ambassadors’ job to push your brand from there. You are visible. Everyone at the event can see you. That’s what you want from any marketing plan, to be visible. Sure, the consumer comes to you through your digital presence, but again, getting in the face of the consumer solidifies your brand for them.

At CMT Agency, we work with brands around the world, helping them be prepared for those important face-to-face interactions.  We do that with a worldwide roster of brand ambassadors who are ready to get the job done.