Brand Activation

Summertime Promotions

| September 18, 2018

CMT Agency Promo Models

American treasure Will Smith is officially known to the masses as the Fresh Prince. Unofficially, he is the self-appointed patriarch of summer. In May of 1991 Smith and his counterpart Jeffrey “Jazz” Townes, collectively known as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, released a smooth, laid back jam about the weather getting warmer, the girls getting hotter and the vibe getting mellower. “Summertime” has since been a catalyst for the beginning of summer, whether it’s played on Memorial Day or June 21st, the actual first day of summer. It sets the tone; a tone of fun, a tone of cool, a carefree tone. As a brand, you have to take into account the tone of the season when marketing yourself, especially when it comes to promos. Here are some effective ways to get your brand out there during the summer months.


We wrote about this a while back, but every new music festival that pops up is a new place to market your brand. The summer is when it really gets popping. Whether it’s putting your brand’s name on the entire festival as a title sponsor, setting up a booth or simply deploying brand reps throughout the festival, these are can’t miss opportunities to have upwards of 90,000 eyes on your brand at at time.

Bar Patios

A liquor promotion, or any promotion, at a bar is great, but in the summer months, they’re even more effective if that bar has an outside setting. There is something freeing about that atmosphere. If you’re able to associate your brand with that carefree, laid back vice you’ll hit a home run with your audience.

Sporting Events

Yeah, the NBA and NHL wrap up this month and football doesn’t get going until the end of the summer (unless you’re in the south), but there are tons of sporting events that your brand can get involved with. Many adult social clubs have leagues that run throughout the summer for liquor and adult brands and youth sports, no matter the sport, are a year round thing these days. These are great places to connect with the communities and potential brand advocates.

Capitalizing on the vibe of the summer is crucial to your brand. There are so many ways your brand can become a part of the season. CMT Agency is fully equipped to help you position your brand in the right environment and in front of the right audience, this summer and all year long.