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Successful Brand Marketing with Holiday Promotions

| December 4, 2018

CMT Agency Brand Ambassadors

The most wonderful time of the year. That’s what most people think of when late December rolls around. What do brands think? It’s the most profitable time of the year. Emotions are at their highest levels and credit cards are at their most swipe-able. There’s no better time than the holidays to cement your brands reputation with the consumers. Though it’s a time of rest for a lot of people, this should be one of the more active times for your brand, and this includes live promotions and street marketing. If you’re not taking advantage of the season and the built in promotional opportunities they give to you, you’re missing out on a chance to grow.

Here is how to successfully market your brand with holiday promos:

Be active

Obviously there are days, Christmas Day, the night of New Year’s Eve, where everyone other than truck stops have taken a break from the hustle and bustle of commerce. I’m sure with Black Friday recently spilling into Thanksgiving morning, Christmas Day will soon follow, but for now, every moment leading up to these days is vital. Having a presence in high traffic areas at this time. Your brand should be everywhere during this time of spending and gift-giving. New Year’s Eve is especially beneficial (especially for liquor brands) when it comes to visibility. New Year’s Eve is the night where every one is out, when it’s not cool to stay in. It’s not cool for your brand to stay in, either.

Be smart

If you’re being active, the normal rules apply when doing promos, even during the holiday season. Make sure your brand is set up in the right areas with the right brand ambassadors. It doesn’t make sense for a liquor brand to have a presence at an Old Navy, K-Mart or any other family destination. Find the right place. Everywhere is going to be buzzing. Knowing where your brand thrives, or will thrive, at the end of the year is vitally important when it comes to cashing in on that holiday traffic.

Be sincere

With all the sales messaging and blatant lies fed to the American consumer during the holidays, people tend to side with brands that are genuine. People want to feel happy, they want the emotion of joy and jubilation to be at the forefront of a brand’s identity during the holidays. Your promotion can’t present a fake front to these people. Be yourself. Make people feel like you’re a brand they want to spend the holidays with, that they want to give as gifts, that they want at their holiday parties. The more transparent you are, the more genuine you are, the more connections your brand will make this time of year.

At CMT Agency we work with our brands to make sure the holidays are as jolly as they can be for both the brand and potential brand advocates.