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Street Teams

| November 30, 2018

CMT Agency Event StaffingCMT Agency Event Staffing

Did you guys hear about Facebook? They want you to pony up! Reports today have shown that Facebook’s organic reach by its Pages have dropped from 12% of followers to just half of that since only October. And the thinking is that it’s going to drop another 1% to 2% in the coming months, unless you buy into, literally, what they’re selling. With a continually flooded social media market, the big dog is trying to eat as much as possible… even though their bottom line hasn’t seemed to have been affected too terribly much, increasing this year to over $10 billion.

The point is, there will continue to be barriers in the social realm. The advantages it once had were that you could reach more people for less. Now, the cost vs. effectiveness ratio has been thrown out of whack. This makes the overlooked usage of street teams even more important. Especially when it comes to local traffic.

Street teams can be effective in opening a new business location. They are able to be implemented in high-traffic areas, posting and handing out flyers and other materials. The personal connection they are able to make in-person can create excitement that can’t be recreated through social media. They can also help with additional staffing needs, like directing people to the more high-profile parts of the event or opening, and can answer questions about your brand and collect consumer information.

They can also introduce a new product through these same channels. Over the past couple of years it’s become common to launch products and services on Facebook, but if you can build in-person excitement that’s combined with real person knowledge, the tangible affect will be immeasurable.  Street teams can put on demonstrations, pass out samples and speak to the product.

They can also help at any live event. Whether it’s a new product or an existing store or product that needs a boost, with a street team building excitement throughout the area with flyers and materials and then being the face of the event, you are now building a personal connection with your consumer.

The reach of a street team is really up to you and how you want to interact with the public. There will always be a dwindling reach on social media, but the reach of human interaction will never drop.

CMT Agency is fully equipped to help you build out your dream street teams. Street teams that are highly effective and tailored to your brand.