Specialty Talent

Slight of Hand

| April 19, 2018

Magicians aren’t actually wizards. There, the secret’s out. Sorry to spoil it for the 15 people who still believe that the 24-year old in Vegas actually has mystical powers, and also still believes in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus… well, Santa Claus might actually be real. I’m not giving up on that one. Not ever.

What magicians are cable of, however, is deception. Slight of hand. The fact that they are not literally performing ‘magic’ shouldn’t dissuade you from being amazed at what they are able to pull off. They have the innate ability to have the audience looking one way while pulling off the trick in another direction. The next thing you know there is a cottontail poking out of a top hat or a pair of legs wiggling away from their body.

Your event can benefit from slight of hand. Especially if that slight of hand is knowledgable about your brand and is able to carry the illusion a step further than just the visual effect. Promotional models don’t distract as much as they draw you in. They captivate the eye in a magnetic way so as to draw more attention to your brand at your events. It’s a natural human reaction to be drawn to attractive people.

Once the human has been drawn in, a promotional model can be used to hand out fliers with more information about your brand, demonstrate how a certain product works or hand out samples of your product. With the attention on the model, the public is more apt to participate. And, if you work with a reputable agency, your promotional models will be knowledgeable about your brand and can further speak to that with the audience. You now have a face to go along with your brand.

Promotional models can also add credibility to your brand and help establish it. As part of a marketing strategy, the promotional  models can be dressed in a wardrobe that carries your brands logo. This allows you to cultivate the image you want associated with your brand. It’s a simple, yet effective way to display your brand.

Promotional models are also the perfect way to collect consumer data during your event. A beautiful model adorned in your logo has a much better shot at collecting phone numbers, email addresses and any number of other types of consumer information people aren’t usually willing to give out. This will not only help build your client base, but also allow you to get a better feel for the type of people who are drawn to your brand.

Promotional models get results and CMT Agency has an extensive roster of knowledgeable and professional promotional models to elevate your brand’s image at any event.