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Selecting the Right Event Staffing Agency for Your Promotions

| June 15, 2017

Event Staffing Agency

Some things don’t go together. Peanut butter and ketchup? That’s pretty much terrible. Jelly, people. Jelly. Chris Brown and society? Not a match. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston? Sorry, the correct answer is Angelina Jolie. To make things work, the combination has to be right.

This theory holds true when looking for the right staffing agency for your promotions. Leaving your brand in the wrong hands can cause your appearance, at any event, to be a waste of your time, company funds, and resources. Finding the right event staffing agency to put the right people in the right places is key for your brand to be represented in the right light.

Here are some questions to ask when looking for an event staffing agency:

What type of agency fits your event best?

Are you looking for a talent agency or a traditional staffing agency? It all depends on what type of presence you want your brand to have, and what type of event you are producing.

If you are looking for warm bodies to do mundane tasks, then a traditional staffing agency is the easy choice.  However, if you are looking to have energetic, educated, enthusiastic ambassadors who promote and are excited about your brand, then you want to go with a talent agency.

Do they have the right people?

A good talent agency will have a fully stocked roster of diverse talent who are educated and already skilled to manage, engage and excite crowds. Additionally, these people can become one with your brand and personify the image that you’re looking to get across to potential customers. Event staffing agencies work with staffers who have a wealth of experience working trade shows and events, and therefore the talent comes to you ready to work.  Your only training will be brand specific.

Are they established?

Has the agency you choose done this type of thing time and time again? The right agency didn’t pop up yesterday. It’s an agency that has a rich history of working with brands like yours and has an extensive list of clients and glowing reviews of past collaborations. Putting your brand in the hands of an pop-up agency could create more of a headache than it’s worth. An established agency will be able to take the baton and run with it. They’ll be able to give you the right advice, in addition to the right staff.

CMT Agency is an established talent and event staffing agency with an extensive roster.  The CMT Team will work with you to create the perfect fit for your brand and event. Check out what others have said about CMT Agency, then contact CMT Agency to help staff your next event.