Adult Beverage

See Green at Your Next Adult Beverage Event

| March 16, 2020

Make sure you see green this St. Paddy’s Day! It’s the season of luck and spirits that liven up any event. To ensure your customers are delighted to be at your St. Patrick’s Day event, your adult beverage brand ambassadors should be trained to deliver memorable experiences.


At CMT Agency, we help adult beverage brands compete in a saturated market, win deals, and maintain professionalism. Here’s how we do it.  


Clearly Define and Track Your Goals

We dig deep to understand what our clients are looking for before we quote them to better assist them in meeting their goals for every event. The most important step in identifying what your brand needs are to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve for the event, month, or quarter. Taking this first step is crucial to making sure that your brand ambassadors have the right product knowledge while meeting your expectations from beginning to end. 


Is your company planning to sell your product at the event or drive traffic to a landing page? Gauging where your traffic goes is essential to identifying what you want out of your event and to control the outcome. 


Another question that is important to planning is: Do you want adult beverage distributors to try or buy your product when they walk in the door? The answer to this question will determine where your product and brand ambassadors are placed. After all, you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck by hosting an event. Goal setting is everything, so be clear about what you expect from your brand ambassadors so that they can deliver the best results. 


Pay for Good Agencies & Ambassadors 

Clients should factor in travel expenses, the duration of the event, and accommodations for brand ambassadors to fairly assess how much they should spend. It’s crucial to plan as thoroughly as possible to guarantee that your staffing agency is the right fit for you and your team upfront. It’s a good sign when your agency reaches out to get as many details as possible before spitting out a price.    


If you aren’t getting timely responses from a client services representative, this is a red flag. No good agency would leave your questions unanswered or in limbo. Investing your money to promote your product and services at an event deserves a quality partner to produce superior results, like increased sales and elevated brand exposure.  


Push Talent to Ask More Than Once

This method works more times than you’d think. Most brand ambassadors aren’t afraid to carry on a conversation with new guests. The common misconception is that once a person says “no” or they “aren’t sure,” they no longer want to be told about the product. 

Experienced brand ambassadors understand that these are not responses that mean stop talking. They are invitations to learn more about the guest’s reasons for attending the event so that they can present selling points tailored to the guest’s interests.


Make sure you keep your goal in mind to remind brand ambassadors of what you want visitors to know. No one knows your buyers like you do. Help your staffing agency keep their eyes on the prize. 

Want to see green at your next event? Give us a call to learn how.