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Where To Get The Best Promo Models

| April 4, 2018

CMT Agency Promo Models

When you have a live event coming up in the near future, planning for it becomes top priority. Promotional modeling agencies can help. An event like this works better when you have promo models on hand. They will bring up the level any event you choose to use them in. These models attract people into your event space. They help guests relax. They can hand out marketing brochures, talk with customers, and do demonstrations. They help relax and distract guests, making them more receptive to sales efforts.

But, where do you get the best promo models?

You will find plenty of promotional modeling agencies out there. However, not all of them will give you the quality results you need for your next event. Look for these features when looking for an agency that handles event staffing and promotional models:

  • Deep Range of Talent – You want to work with an agency that has hundreds of models in their files. With a deep range of talent, you can find the perfect faces to represent your company, your brand, and your products. The agency can take your requirements and pull a number of people out of their line-up to meet your requirements.
  • Event Staffing Provider, Not a Modeling Agency – There is a big difference between a company that is simply a modeling agency and a company that provided event staffing. A modeling agency focuses on providing their talent for modeling events only, whether photographic or runway. Event staffing agenices provides models for modeling gigs, but they also have staff to handle all aspects of an event, including promo models.
  • A Presence Around the World – You might think a local agency would be the best choice for your live event. However, many local agencies have only a few models available. Plus, they may not have enough people in their talent pool to give you the look you want. Using an agency with a national or world-wide presence allows you to work with a deep pool of talent and experienced management that knows their stuff.
  • Dedicated Project Agents Available Day and Night – A good company will have agents available when you need to speak with someone. Live events can happen all over the place at almost any time of day or night. When you need to speak with someone about your event, you should have that option available any time of day or night.
  • A Track Record of Success – A big mistake to make is going with the new or inexperienced agency. There is the thought that a new agency is hungry for the business. But, you need an agency that a depth of talent and record of success. You are trusting this company to help you succeed. Your live even is not where you want them learning the ropes.

Finding the right agency is critical to your success. Use each of the criteria above to filter out the agencies and narrow down your choices.

Of course, CMT Agency is proud to meet these criteria and go well beyond them. It is important to work with a quality agency from the beginning to make your live event go smoothly and to generate the interest you deserve. Let CMT Agency make your event extra special. We have a deep pool of talent and we have handled thousands of events around the world. We provide an event staff of all kinds to companies of many sizes. Give us a call.