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Promo Models – Providing An Aesthetic Appeal To Your Event

| July 16, 2018

CMT Agency Promo Models

Promo models are considered to be one of the best ways to reach an audience while establishing a unique identity for your brand to set your company apart from your competitors. Promo models tend to be physically attractive in order to add an aesthetic appeal to whatever they are promoting: this could be a product, service, concept, or the brand as a whole.

Although promotional models reach fewer people than mass market advertising methods, they create a lasting impression and encourage brand loyalty by interacting directly with consumers at an event. In this way, customers are not simply presented with a product but also become emotionally affected. Just some duties that promo models undertake include:

  • Booth hosting
  • Trade shows
  • Sampling programs
  • Street marketing
  • Mall and retail marketing programs
  • Sports marketing
  • Health and fitness programs
  • Conventions
  • Entertainment marketing events
  • Conferences

There are a number of benefits to adding aesthetic appeal to an event through promo models.

1. Attracting the attention of potential customers

It is natural to be instantly drawn to an attractive person. Whether your models are handing out flyers, performing product demonstrations, or any other task, you can benefit from the added attention an attractive model will bring.

Increased visibility can be especially useful at events where you have to compete with other companies for attention and to distinguish yourself from the sometime hundreds of other companies who may be offering similar products and services. Even in situations where you are alone, the extra sophistication and interest created by the model will increase your chance of enticing prospects.

2. Increasing your sales

After you have secured your prospects’ attention, it becomes much easier to sell a product. You are far more likely to sell through a person-to-person interaction than if the item is simply sitting on a shelf.

Promo models are also useful for filling in for employees if your event is receiving a lot of attention. Models can provide customers with the same information as one of your team members when, otherwise, the prospect may become bored waiting for answers and leave.

3. Establishing your brand

Establishing an image is particularly important for companies that have recently entered the market and are still relatively unknown, although, even the best known companies can benefit for a little extra publicity. In order to achieve this, it is common practice for models to wear attire displaying the logo of your company. Customers then first see an attractive model, then read the brand name, creating an association between the two in their minds.

Thereafter, every time the customer is presented with the logo, they will be reminded of the initial experience. A positive feeling for the brand develops without the client consciously knowing why.

4. Gather information from customers more easily

Clients are more likely to want to speak with an attractive model than just any representative from a company, allowing you to gain useful data during public events. Friendliness is often associated with attraction, and so customers are more likely to open up while talking to a promo model. They may provide suggestions, feedback and other useful information that can be used at a later date for marketing and product development purposes.

5. Improve customers’ receptiveness to your sales pitch

Research on marketing practices has discovered that people are more responsive to sales pitches when models are used. The models both as a distraction and as a way to elevate mood increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

How have you used promo models to create aesthetic appeal for your brand? How has it helped your company?  Leave us a comment and let us know.