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How To Be Prepared For A Tradeshow With Trade Show Models

| October 2, 2017

At the ever-popular Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Thousands flock to the desert, walking by hundreds of slot machines and card tables, to check out the latest in technology and entertainment. It’s a gold mine for brands trying to get off on the right foot this year and cultivate their image. But, with so many eyes up for grabs, how does a brand stand out? The right trade show models can really make a difference.

Be unique

Do something that stands out. Obviously that’s easier said than done. It needs to be something that stays on brand, but something that sets you apart. You can’t just set up a booth and expect things to magically happen.

Be genuine

No matter what you do to get people to your booth, your brand needs to be your brand. Be you. Be genuine. If you grab eyes but don’t display your brand properly, you’re going to lose out in the end. There will be a disconnect. The advocates you gain will just as quickly be gone by the wayside.

Be smart

The key is having people at your booth that know your brand. They need to be knowledgeable. They also need to be approachable. This is where hiring the right brand ambassadors comes into play. Sure they need to be people that are pleasing to the eye. But, if you have just a pretty face with your brand’s logo on a t-shirt, yet they know nothing about your brand, you lose. If they’re there to collect a paycheck and text for 3 hours while they look pretty, you lose. Working with an agency that supplies you with professional trade show models as brand ambassadors that are briefed on your brand and prepared in every way to promote your brand gives you the best chance at success when trying to be a big fish in a big pond.

Be prepared

Know why you’re going. Make sure Your brand has every chance to succeed.

At CMT Agency we are equipped to help you achieve all of your goals at any trade show by supplying you with the highest quality of trade show models across the nation.