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Looking for Event Staff? We Have Everything You’ll Ever Need

| August 14, 2017

Events require staff! Think about an event you have attended recently. All the details that make a successful event require knowledgable people behind the scenes to get things done right. Plus, there are people in front helping the host, serving guests, and providing entertainment. All of that requires promotional event staff. Do you have this type of staff at your beck and call?

If you need promotional event staff, you need a professional agency to provide support. They have all the talent you would need on their books. Just give them a call, and let them know what you need. They may have suggestions for additional staff to make the event special. Together, you can put together all the people you need to have a successful event.

CMT Agency has put together some a list of some people you might want to bring on board for the event:

  • Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors – You need eye candy at any big event. The eye candy girls help get people excited about what is going on. But, they can play an even more important role. Most promo models and brand ambassadors are actually articulate marketing veterans. You can have them engaging with customers and handing out promotional materials.
  • Costume Characters and Mascots– Do you want to bring a fun edge to your event? Costume characters and mascots can do it. They are great at events where kids will be present. Kids love interacting with the characters.   They bring a fun vibe that makes parents have positive associations with your company and its products/services.
  • Bartenders and Wait Staff – If you are serving food and drinks at your event, you need professionals doing the work. Trying to get your employees to do it is a recipe for disaster.  Bring in the masters and you will the difference in the event. Your guests will be happy and your event will more likely be a spectacular hit.
  • Sound Engineers and Lighting Specialists – Do you want to set-up a stage for promotional speeches, demonstrations, or a guest speaker? You need professional sound engineers and lighting specialists to handle the key parts of the set-up. You will be surprised at the difference that professionals can do with a stage.
  • Emcees and Demonstrators– Are you planning a program? An emcee is the perfect person to bring in. That person can keep the flow of events going and keep the crowd excited during transitions. If you plan on demonstrations, you need marketing pros for that. Your product specialists can handle part of it, but with professional demonstrators, you will get more appeal from your audience.
  • Meeting Production and Video Presentation– How are you going to get all the pieces ready for your event? If you do not have the time or ability to make sure the event comes off as you would like, a meeting production planner is the way to go. You get a professional who knows the details of putting together a big event. If you need a video presentation put together, you can also get that ability added to your promotional event staff.

This is just some of the event staff that you can access by partnering with CMT Agency. We specialize in giving all of your events the WOW factor. You will see a ton of people having a great time. Whether it is a public event or invitation only, the crowd will be rocking with the help of our talent. You can maximize your leads and start the sales conversion process, all in one event. Get in touch and leave  your promotional event staff needs to us and see what happens. Now, who can you use at your next event?