Brand Activation

Leveraging Brand Ambassadors with Your Existing Ad Campaign

| September 14, 2018

CMT Agency Promo Girls

“Just do it.”

“Bo knows.”

“Where’s the beef?”

“Got milk?”

Advertising, and more specifically, ad campaigns, dictate more than just what consumers buy; it dictates popular culture. Super Bowl commercials have become as popular as the game itself, with some ad campaigns having an impact during the game without even running a commercial (After the blackout in New Orleans, Buffalo Wild Wings was the 6th most talked about brand during the game on social media without a single ad running. This was based on their existing campaign which featured commercials of employees prolonging games by turning the lights out and activating sprinklers.). With the digital and social media age in full swing, advertising is more important than ever. The problem is, brands have failed to capitalize on this in the space of the real world.

You should want to get everything you can out of your campaign. A barrier to that could be a disconnect when it comes to your digital or broadcast campaign and your brand’s presence in the real world. When your promotion, be it at a tradeshow or a restaurant or bar, has a different feel than the campaign you’re presenting to the rest of the world, potential brand advocates will sniff you out. This disconnect can go a long way in determining how these potential advocates view your brand. Your voice should be streamlined across all media, and when consumers come across your brand in person.

This places an immense amount of importance on cultivating the right brand experience for promotional executions.

Get the right ambassadors

Just like casting directors must place the right actors in the roles that suit the film, so, too, must brands place the right brand ambassadors at promotions. Lindsey Lohan wouldn’t be the right choice to play Michelle Obama in a film. The same type of thinking has to be taken into account when staffing a promotion. It needs to fit the voice your brand has built. This is where working with a well staffed agency, like CMT Agency, is vital. You don’t want any warm body – you want someone who embodies your brand and is an extension of your campaign.

Have the right feel

The right people are important, but the feel of the event itself is also important. A liquor brand promoting at a bar that only serves beer and wine would be a waste. Same goes for a family restaurant. The right place for your promotion is key. Also key is how it’s handled. If your brand is big and bold, a quiet booth tucked away in the corner of a tradeshow is doing you no good. If your brand’s campaign is going for a classy in their campaign, a dive bar is not the place to set up.

Just like finding the right agency to trust your brand’s advertising with is important, so, too, is finding the right staffing agency to keep the cohesive voice of your brand in tact. CMT Agency is committed to working with brands to make sure their voice is presented in the way they want in all promotional executions.