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Leveraging Brand Ambassadors – The Process of Hiring a Great Staff

| August 28, 2018

Brand ambassadors could be your key to building a great name for your brand. But, how do you know what type of ambassador is right for your brand? The wrong face being associated with your brand could wipe away any goodwill 100 other faces have given you, combined. If your brand is aiming for a certain image, someone twerking with a foam finger that bares your name probably isn’t the best message you want to send. For a few hours, or even more, these people can make or break your brand and that impact can be powerful.

Ad Week recently did a study that shows live events are the single most influential way a brand can influence customers. People are almost twice as likely to become loyal to a brand during a live event. So, these days, it’s even more important than it’s been in the past to get the right staff of ambassadors.

Define Your Image

First of all, you need to solve the aforementioned problem of what image is your brand trying to present. Your brand ambassadors need to fit this image. They need to know how to act when at a tradeshow or event. But, they will only know how to represent your brand if you’ve put all the parameters in place for them to follow.

Believe In Your Brand

You need people who believe in your brand. Yeah, it’s easy to just hire a bunch of pretty faces and throw some tight t-shirts on them. But, if you have a team of ambassadors promoting a product that they get and identify with, that’s going to come through at your event. Your ambassador is going to be more passionate about promoting and more willing to put themselves out there for you, and your brand.

Know Your Brand

You need people who are educated on the ins and outs of your brand. There’s nothing more frustrating that a brand ambassador not being able to answer questions at an event about the brand that their supposedly representing. It’s an immediate turn off for potential customers and brand advocates. It’s a red flag. Why should prospects care about your brand if the people you’re PAYING don’t even care.

Be Professional

You need to hire professionals. Again, pretty faces aren’t enough. A great smile can only go so far. It definitely helps, but if that pretty face is texting their boyfriend for half of the event, or gossiping with the other ambassadors or customers, what are you getting out of the deal? A great brand ambassador knows how to act appropriately at any given event, be it a tradeshow, bar event or any other type of live setting. A great ambassador does this day in and day out, and can push your brand to the point it needs to get to at any given event.

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