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Las Vegas Trade Show Models, Are They For Everyone?

| June 4, 2016

You plan on setting up a booth at a Las Vegas trade show. Last year, you remembered that a few booths were staffed with models. You want to take your booth to the next level and are thinking about ways to improve your booth presence with models. But, will they work?

Are Las Vegas trade show models for everyone? In reality, only you can answer that question since you know your business, its clients, and the people with whom you want to connect. Let’s take a look at the many ways that trade show models help companies at trade shows year-round.

  • Pass out promotional materials.
    Do you want your sales people to pass out brochures when you can hire a local trade show model to handle and engage with customers at the same time? With a bit of training, they can promote your products and bring interested customers into the booth to speak with a sales person.
  • Handle demonstrations.
    If you plan on product demonstrations, a trade show model is the perfect person for it. You can train models on how to perform the demonstration and what features you want highlighted. You can have an employee there to answer any technical questions. A hired professional model is the perfect person to represent your company.
  • Generate excitement.
    Are you planning on a live event at the trade show? Many companies choose to launch new products or brands at trade shows. This is the perfect time to bring in the models. They can help elevate crowd excitement, do demonstrations, and hand out samples or brochures. This will give your skilled sales people the right atmosphere to make contact and bring in new sales.
  • Act as spokespeople.
    Do you want someone besides your sales people representing your brand? Sales people are great at sales. However, they may not be the right face or look for your brand. You can bring in trade show models to act as the spokesperson while you are on the trade show floor. They can handle the media and offer a pretty face to interested customers.
  • Engage customers.
    Customers entering a busy trade show booth may feel lost. The sales people are busy and there is no one to direct them to promotional materials. A trade show model can make all the difference. With a bit of training, you can have fresh faces working through the booth and engaging visitors. They can move people towards sales areas, video demonstrations, sign-up sheets and promote the product.
  • Booth staffing.
    How many people are you planning on taking to Las Vegas? If you plan to take your entire sales force, think again. The travel and lodging costs are high. Bring only a few of them and use Las Vegas trade show models for the rest. Most of the time, you need someone to help engage customers, hand out promotional materials, and get people to sign-up. Models can handle that while your staff handles the sales side of things.
Are you ready to take your booth to the next level?

Las Vegas trade show models are often college students or graduates who are very articulate and smart. They can dress up like a Vegas show girl or wear khakis and a shirt with your logo on it. You can train them in your company, your brand, and your products so they represent you to booth visitors.

For those who still have doubts, give the CMT Agency a call. They have tons of experience in helping companies use trade show models in the best way possible. They can give you ideas of how even the most conservative company can use Las Vegas trade show models.

Are you ready to get started?