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How To Select Specialty Talent For Your Next Event

| August 2, 2018

CMT Agency Speciality Talent

When you open up your event, do you want people worrying about checking their phones for email or paying attention to what you have to say? Obviously, you want the attention on you and your event.  Do ensure this you need to add specialty talent to your event staff to keep people’s eyes and ears directed to what you want them to see and hear. From the beginning of your event, you want to capture the audience’s attention. You don’t want them thinking about anything else.  They should be focused on what you have to say and getting excited about what you are presenting.

How do you capture their attention and keep it?

Specialty talent will do the trick. You can have a stilt dancer mingling into the crowd to generate excitement. You can have a bi-lingual presenter who can engage everyone in your audience in their language. Or, you might consider having comedians keep the audience entertained between your presentation segments.

Why is specialty talent a perfect solution for your next live event?

  • Draw attention to your event – If you are presenting in a public area and want to attract people passing by, specialty talent is the perfect answer. They will draw people to the event and offer you the best marketing opportunity.
  • Appeal to a certain market – If you want to attract parents with kids to your event, having clowns, acrobats, and magicians is the perfect answer. That is only one example of appealing to a certain audience with specialty talent.
  • Offer entertainment to the crowd – Live events can drag if the only thing you are doing is speaking on stage. You need people to provide entertainment as well.
  • Keep the event moving – If you want to do a few presentations during your event, but not all at once, specialty talent can keep the audience entertained while keeping the event moving at the same time.

As you can see specialty talent is a great way to make your live event captivating and eye-catching to your target audience. You can transform your event from something humdrum to something really memorable.

How can you find such speciality talent?

You need to find talented professionals who take their work seriously. They are the talent who will work with you to come up with the perfect act to engage your audience and keep your event rolling smoothly. Finding such talent is not as easy as it might sound.

You need to find specialty acts who have a proven track record. You want professionals who know not only how to entertain, but how to work with you in integrating their work into the event.

The best solution for your event is to hire a talent agency with a deep pool of talent. They can work with you to identify what kind of specialty talent would be a good match for your event. They can give you a selection of talent from which to choose. They can coordinate arrival times, message delivery, and almost every aspect of the talent management except announcing their arrival on stage.

What else can a talent agency do for your event?

Besides specialty talent, you likely have other talent needs for your event. Do you want promotional models engaging with your visitors during the event? Do you want an emcee to handle the flow fo the event? Do you need people who can tend bar and bring drinks out to the crowd? Do you need audio/sound engineers or lighting people? A good talent agency will have all of this and more in their talent pool.

CMT Agency is your agency. We have a deep pool of talent that includes just about anyone you need for your event. We can coordinate all your talent needs for the event – we can help you identify exactly how much staff you will need and coordinate the talent for you.