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How to Know If Your Brand Ambassador Campaign is Successful

| May 19, 2020

Written by Trix Apple. 

Authenticity is at the heart of the most successful marketing campaigns, which is precisely why brand ambassadors are growing in popularity. Unlike traditional ad campaigns, brand ambassadors help establish a more personal connection between the audience and the product. Every brand ambassador proves that there’s a real face behind the camera, one that audiences can trust.

Marketing Dive observes that community-building campaigns are essential during this tough time, which is something that brand ambassadors cater particularly well to. On that note, read on below for some ways on how to gauge just how successful your brand ambassador campaign has been.

Revenue generated

Revenue is one of the most important metrics when considering the success of any marketing campaign, and the same holds true for working with brand ambassadors. Constantly measuring the ROI of a brand ambassador campaign can help your team gauge whether your partnership is working or if you need to switch gears. When measuring the revenue generated, it’s also important to refer back to your initial contract of the number of posts needed, engagement goals to be met, and so on.

Brand reach

From fashion shows to workout sessions, brands all over are flocking to Instagram livestreams and similar viewing platforms as a way to build communities while increasing brand awareness. Your brand ambassador should help publicize these events; you can then measure the number of viewers and virtual foot traffic as a way to gauge how successful their promotions have been. If you’re a retail brand that’s having a sale, you may want to give your brand ambassadors special discount codes they can distribute. From there, you can check sales records to see just how many times these discount codes were used.

Social media engagement

It’s safe to say that most (if not all) brand ambassador campaigns have some sort of social media presence. After all, industry projections made by Maryville University suggest that through social media management, it provide brands a huge opportunity to elevate their presence and market share in the digital landscape. Indeed, social media is a key component in sharing engaging content, and good ambassadors know how to take advantage of it. Fortunately, it’s easily measurable through metrics such as the total number of likes and comments, which can give you a clearer picture of how much engagement your brand ambassador is generating.

Participation rate

There’s a good chance that you might be working with several brand ambassadors to target all kinds of audiences, so be sure to constantly measure how each ambassador is participating. You want to keep brand ambassadors who are actively engaging in your campaign, not just those who post every so often (and definitely not those who don’t post at all). At the end of the day, a brand ambassador is only successful if he or she actually works to help spread awareness for your company.

Our post on the Top 3 Things You Must Consider When Hiring Brand Ambassadors underscores just how crucial it is to pick the right ambassador. After all, the brand ambassadors you pick are a direct reflection of your company. Constantly referring to these metrics allows you to create more targeted brand ambassador campaigns that are engaging for your viewers and fun for your ambassadors to participate in, too.