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How to Attract Buyers to Your Tradeshow Booth

| August 23, 2018

We’ve all been there. You’ve made the dip. Set out the bowls of chips and assorted snack related foods. The drinks are on ice. The decorations are up. The party is set up… and no one shows up. What happened? Where did it go wrong? Who dropped the ball? Even though it’s your party and you can cry if you want to, if you’re taking the time, effort and using the resources to set up at a tradeshow and this happens, it’s more than a cry, it’s a loss. How do you keep this from happening and make sure potential buyers show up to your tradeshow booth?

Invite, invite, and invite.

Buyers won’t know to show up if they don’t know that you’re there. Get the word out. Identify buyers either in the area or research last year’s tradeshow and figure out who attended and which brands obtained new business at the show. Email these potential buyers and utilize the various social media outlets in order to make your presence known before you’re even there. If you hired attractive models to work your booth, promote them with your product/service on your social media sites.

Define your selling position.

Who are your potential buyers? What are you selling them? How are you selling to them? Figure out your own position so when you are approached by potential buyers, you’re ready to go. To help you succeed here, and keep costs down, instead of flying booth attendants and support staff to the tradeshow, hire local talent to help you with the crowd.


Are you giving something away? Are there special discounts, sales or advantages for potential buyers to sign on the dotted line, today? Is there something cool going on at your booth that the other booths aren’t ready to compete with? Whether in your invitation stage or in person, offer something competitors aren’t offering to potential buyers. Sometimes that can be something as simple as hired attractive booth attendants.  Or what about a costumed character?  Work with an agency to help you bring flare and excitement, and something original to your booth.

Be aggressive.

Don’t just let your presentation and incentives do all the work. Be aggressive when approaching potential buyers, but not abrasive. Show that you have pride and confidence in your brand. Most importantly, sell your brand. And, don’t do it alone.  Remember that hiring one or more booth attendants to help will make all the difference in how aggressive you can be.

Be professional.

This is your first impression to a lot of potential buyers. Sometimes it is your ONLY impression before they make a decision. Make it the right one, because you only get one chance.

Attracting buyers at a tradeshow is vitally important to your success, and partnering with CMT Agency can help you make the best first impression to those potential buyers. CMT Agency has experienced tradeshow talent around the globe ready to help you step up your booth and bring in the sales and attention you want to help grow your business.