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How Do Trade Show Models Make A Difference?

| August 21, 2017

Whether you’ve participated in trade shows for years or planning on your first one, you need to have your strategy in place before you hit the floor. That means having your marketing materials ready to go. It means having your people trained and ready to handle any customers that might come along. Now, you just have to connect with the thousands of people who will be visiting the trade show.

Think about the trade show floor. You have thousands of visitors casually browsing the aisles. They want to visit a few favourite vendors. Then, they cruise the other booths looking for something interesting. To stand out in the crowd, you need something that will catch the casual browser’s eye. CMT Agency’s trade show models will do the trick.

How do trade show models make a difference in how your booth looks to the casual browser?

  • Nothing says come see us like a pretty face– People are attracted to pretty people. That is a fact backed up by many studies and lots of marketing experience. If you want to draw people into your booth, staffing attractive trade show models is the perfect choice. You can get people to pay attention and that is your open door to market your product, your brand, and your company.  You will see your list of leads and new customers grow longer rapidly.
  • Provide a uniform look for your booth that matches your branding– When you hire promo models for the trade show, you can spend some time training them on what you want to emphasize. You can brief them on the company and all your product lines. Most importantly, you can have them dress in uniforms that create a unified look. This takes your visual marketing to the next level. It combines with the pretty faces to make your marketing work.
  • Make sure to have plenty of people in the booth to handle customers – A major complaint of many people on the trade show floor is that they cannot get time to speak with someone in busy booths. Many companies send a minimal number of people to trade shows due to high travel costs. With trade show models, that is not a problem. You can have enough people in your booth to handle casual and detailed questions. Let the models handle the casual inquiries and passing out marketing materials. Your sales people can handle the detailed inquiries.
  • Taking the marketing beyond the booth perimeter – A big reason to bring in models for your trade show booth is to take your marketing message beyond your booth. Many trade shows allow presenters to pass out marketing materials at the entrance and in the aisle. The models can direct people to your booth while handing out marketing materials. They can be the first face that people see and associate with your company. Their presence will make your marketing easier and bring your traffic levels to record highs.
  • Giving you the option to hold live events – One thing that allows certain booths to stand out from others is live events and presentations. Just having people sitting in a booth handing out marketing materials is great. Giving live demonstrations of the products is a major leap forward. You can have a trade show model trained in handling the presentations. You can even hire an emcee to handle the entire event if you choose.

Those are just a few differences you will have when you put trade show models in your booth as part of your marketing plan. The trade show is still a major part of many industries. You need to stand out from your competition to make your mark. These models will help you do that.

Give CMT Agency a call the moment you know you want to use models in your trade show booth. We are ready to help find the perfect people for your company and brand.

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