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How Can Street Team Marketing Draw A Crowd Of Buyers?

| July 6, 2018

If you want to draw a crowd, a street team is the answer. You will get excitement and attention to the new business, new product, or outdoor event you are throwing.

At one time, guerilla marketing was a novelty. It grew up as a niche market to hand out fliers in crowded areas. In major metropolitan areas, street teams would fan out to high traffic spots and hand out marketing materials. The thing is, this niche marketing tactic has long since gone mainstream. Companies of all sizes in many markets have found this marketing concept works for their business. It can work for your business as well.

Street team marketing has grown more sophisticated over the years. What once involved just handing out fliers has evolved into a multi-media marketing experience. Many street marketing teams use a number of techniques to draw people’s attention. Here are just a few:

  • Choreographed dance routines
  • Interactive games
  • On the spot contests
  • Social media interaction

To be most effective, teams need to have training, be attractive, and know how to project a great attitude to the crowd. They need to be your brand ambassadors from the moment people spot them on the streets. Some of the skills needed for doing street team marketing include:

  • Knowing how to handle all aspects of customer service
  • Knowing a variety of techniques to draw large crowds
  • Having specific brand training for a particular client

Why should you use street teams for your company’s next outdoor event?

  • Meet your marketing goals – Do you want to draw the younger crowd? Street teams are the perfect choice. Yet, they can reach other target audiences to drum up excitement for your company and its brand.
  • Grab attention of the most people possible – Live events need plenty of people in the crowd. Street teams can get people to pay attention and make time to come out to your event. That is the best way to draw a crowd.
  • Get people talking about your business or product – Word of mouth marketing is the right fit for most businesses. If you can get people to start talking with friends about your product or service, you have a winning solution. Street teams can make it happen.
  • Offer a memorable experience to potential customers – People loved to be entertained. Coming across live entertainment on the streets will grab people’s attention. Street teams can offer a memorable entertainment experience while marketing your product or service. It is a great combination.
  • Have your brand stand out among your competition – What kind of advertising is your competition doing? Many companies overlook the power of street marketing. You can get people to start paying attention to your company and what you have to offer when you bring your marketing to the streets.
  • Align your live event with the rest of your marketing – Do you have an ongoing marketing campaign that you want to liven up with a live event? You can use street marketing to do just that. You can also introduce a new product or open a new store with the help of a street team.
  • Convey the exact message you want people to get – When you do face-to-face marketing, you are able to control the message that people get. With street team marketing, that is exactly what you are doing. The team engages people one-on-one and gives the message you want to convey with your marketing efforts.

If street team marketing sounds like a great fit for your company and its goals, you need an experienced agency behind you. CMT Agency has many years of marketing under its belt. We have a deep pool of talent that can help you with all your talent needs. We are the experts in street team marketing. Give us a call today.