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How Can Liquor Promotions Spice Up Your Next Company Party?

| December 7, 2018

All promotional managers, public relations, and marketing departments are looking for new and very exciting ways to ramp up company parties–especially when they are very important gatherings and certain key people on the executive board need to be impressed by the presentation. There are countless ways in which a company party can be really spiced up, and one of the biggest ways to do this is through liquor promotions.

It’s a time for celebration, which means being able to cut loose a little bit and opening up a bottle of the bubbly. While it may not seem like a great idea, mostly because of price and budgeting, but utilizing the power of liquor promotions at your next company party can actually be very beneficial and save you lots of money while still having a great ROI. Here are some ways that promotional liquor can be used the right way at your next company party.

Sponsored Products, Better Budgeting

With promotional food and drink, you’re able to lessen the spend on your promotional budget and focus it more on higher priority expenses. This is even true for alcohol, which can be sponsored by a company completely or partly if it’s a smaller, local company. Whatever the case, these sort of deals can happen when you find a promotional agency to help get the right kind of atmosphere and type of beverages you want at the company event.

The event staffing agency can help create the theme, find the right kind of alcohol for the event, and even find a pool of professionals to distribute and be wait staff at the function so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can just kick back and enjoy your hard work with a nice drink!

Making Extra Money Through Drinks

If you can’t find an alcohol company to fully sponsor the drinks at your company part, it’s no problem and doesn’t have to be a crisis. In fact, you can cover the costs by putting together a paid bar promotions at the event where people can buy the drinks (sometimes even at a discounted price).

This too can be handled by a promotions agency, especially since they can find highly experienced and certified bartenders to work the bar and make sure everyone has an unforgettable and great time at the party. And, you’ll be getting some killer ROI out of it, too. Isn’t that better than drinking punch?

Possible Future Business Relationships

Not only are you finding a way to make liquor promotions a budget-friendly success for your next company party, but you also have the opportunity to establish and pave the way for possible future business relationships. This can mean finding a go-to promotions agency, go-to liquor promotions sponsorship with a company, and even finding wonderful promotional staff for any of your future events. You don’t have to scramble to find all of those contacts again once you already have them established.

Less Hassle, Very Simple Set-up

If you’re worried that liquor promotions at a company event is just going to be too much of a hassle to put together, or that you’re already pressed for time, stop making excuses and just let the promotions agency handle everything for you. They will make it hassle free and everything very simple for set-up–right from step one and all the way until the end of the party.

It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to mean wasting lots of valuable time, you can achieve great liquor promotions to make the best company party to date.