Brand Activation

How Brand Ambassadors Help Market Your Company

| August 7, 2018

Brand ambassadors embody the brand they promote. The brand ambassador is the face which lends the brand credibility and visibility at promotional events. Having such a person ready to represent your company is just good marketing smarts.

With competition as fierce as it is today, you need to use your marketing dollars wisely. You need to find a marketing option that does more than one thing. You want an aid that will help you expand your brand, open a new location, engage your customers, introduce you to social media, and even do face-to-face promotions. A brand ambassador can make this happen.

So, how can a brand ambassador help you market your company?

  • Introduce your brand – For a small start-up, you need to get your target audience familiar with your brand. An ambassador can make that happen. Targeted marketing with a representative that is excited about your company, its products, and your brand will boost your company quickly. You can use that ambassador short or long-term with good results.
  • Launch new products or services – When you are bringing out something new, you want to get your current customers as well as your target audience excited. A brand ambassador can bring focus to what you are launching and represent your brand in a way that will make people talk and spread the word.
  • Open a new location – When you open a new site, you want to have people come out and see what you are offering. You can have a brand ambassador on hand to engage with people passing by. That person can also mix and mingle with the crowd so they get a great impression of your company and want to come back for more.
  • Target a new customer audience – Companies love to expand their target market to new audiences all the time. A great way to do that is to bring in a brand ambassador who can bring your brand and company to the attention of the people you want to attract.
  • Build relationships with customers – Brand ambassadors can build a personal relationship with your customers. They offer a personal face to your brand. Customers want to see the personal side of companies. With an ambassador, you are going a long way in making that happen.
  • Offer face-to-face promotions at live events – Having your brand represented by an ambassador at a live event is a natural marketing strategy. They can speak with customers and passers-by face-to-face, talking about the brand, the company, and your products and services. They can promote specials and get people excited.

Marketing your company and brand is much easier when you have ambassadors to help you. Your live events will be more effective and reach a wider audience. You will see excitement building in person and on social media. You can use ambassadors for a specific event or as part of an ongoing campaign. The choice is yours.

To get your own brand ambassador, you have a couple of options. You can put an ad out and get candidates in to screen. The other option is to engage a talent agency who already has qualified, professional talent with experience to act as brand ambassadors. The first option is going to take time and added expense. The second option will give you a ready pool of talent and more options than you would get with your own ad. You need a talent agency at your side.

Smart marketing begins with looking at how your customers see your brand. Brand ambassadors give a face for your brand. How can you use ambassadors at your next live event? Contact CMT.  We can help you find the right ambassador for your brand.