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Getting Your Brands Wardrobe Right

| October 5, 2018

CMT Agency Event StaffingCMT Agency Event Staffing

Actors and models have it easy… well as far as what to wear. At any shoot, whether it be a movie production, photo shoot, video shoot, etc., there is an entire department dedicated to making sure that each actor or model is styled perfectly, down to the smallest detail. Someone from the wardrobe department might even stop a shot because an actor’s knee pad is pulled down to his calf when it was on his knee in the previous take while filming a basketball scene (This is confirmed as actually taking place during filming). Models are fitted precisely to their body type.

When you’re putting on a live promotion or setting up a booth at a trade show, you don’t have the luxury or having a wardrobe department outfit your staff and brand ambassadors. This is where you have to take the initiative and figure out the right look for your brand before hand. It’s kind of a preemptive strike to offset any problems that might arise. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your brand’s first impression is the right one.

Define your brand’s look

Some brands, such as liquor or soft drink companies, may be comfortable outfitting their staff and brand ambassadors in t-shirts, no matter the environment. Your brand may not be a t-shirt kind of brand. Align your look with the tone of your company. If you’re a classy brand in every other aspect of your business, a more refined look might suit the promotion, no pun intended.

Taylor your look to the event

If your event is taking place at an upscale night club that requires collars and has stringent rules like ‘no sneakers allowed,’ t-shirts are definitely not the way to go. Obviously, your brand should be putting itself in places it naturally fits, and that goes for the look of the staff, too.

Have uniformity

There’s a reason baseball managers where jerseys, just like the players do. When there is a common thread in terms of what a collective unit is wearing, it gives off the impression that this brand has it together. There’s more thinking that goes into it rather than a brand whose ambassadors and staff are just wearing whatever they choose.

At CMT Agency we work together with brands to make sure the talent we supply them with is a part of their brand, from appearance to knowledge of the brand itself.