Brand Activation

Five Characteristics of Great Brand Ambassadors

| August 17, 2018

Ambassadors wear the brands they promote on their sleeves, literally. It’s more than just putting on a t-shirt with the logo of a certain liquor or the branded sunglasses they’re handing out in order to protect potential customers from the harsh effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays. For the few hours that a brand ambassador is at a trade show or working an event at a local restaurant, they are an extension of the brand, the only part of the brand potential customers are seeing, other than the product itself. A great brand ambassador knows that they bear this responsibility and acts accordingly… and hands out lots of sunglasses. People love the free sunglasses.

Here are five characteristics that make a great brand ambassador shine:


A good brand ambassador is professional. Sure, there’s fun involved – lots of fun, in fact. It’s not a corporate 9-5 gig where you ‘are chained to a desk and a spread sheet. When tasked with being the face of a brand, you represent that brand – you have an affect on potential customers and can have a huge effect on the company. Brand ambassadors put t heir best self on display, from the way they carry themselves in public to their hygiene.


You’ve got to show up! Being a brand ambassador is a great gig, but you can’t promote if you’re not there. Tons of people wish they could hang out at bars and restaurants passing out sunglasses (Oh, the sunglasses!) and mingling with the common folk and get paid for it. A great ambassador appreciates this privilege and shows up on time when they’re booked.


Sure, you’re there so people get to know the brand; get to know those people! T-shirts and flyers don’t tell the whole story. Without word of mouth how would we know anything? What would campfires be for?! Go talk to people! They’re not all terrible. Great ambassadors crave conversation and love engaging strangers.

Knows the brand

While you’re out there talking to people, it would definitely help if you knew what you were talking about, right? A good brand ambassador takes the time to get to know the brand they’re promoting before they promote it. Do the research, drink the kool-aid; know the brand. Be the brand!

Has Fun

Literally, have fun. No one wants to see a brand being promoted by people who don’t want to promote the brand. The more potential customers associate a brand with fun, the more likely they are to become supporters of the brand. And, the more likely they are to engage with a B.A. (there it is!).

Okay, so to recap, shower, comb your hair, look good, know the brand, and most of all have fun.  Fun does sell! Do you think you have what it takes to be a great B.A.?  CMT Agency has an extensive roster of clients looking for fresh, new faces to promote their brands.  Get started today by registering your profile.  You could have a new pair of sunglasses as early as tomorrow.