CMT Agency Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Customers

We’ll help you create an authentic brand experience for events, promotions and tradeshows — or really anywhere you have a need to extend your brand. Our best-in-class talent is aware of the importance of their role in creating brand experiences that meaningfully connect your brand with customers. Our people and talent, together with our technology, deliver an authentic brand experience for our customers — anywhere in the world.

Talent from CMT Agency supports you in meeting your tradeshow and field marketing objectives — whether for awareness building or lead generation. Whether you need four or four dozen brand ambassadors to work your booth, a field event or an alcohol promotion — we have the right people to make your event a success.

If you are in a crunch and need talent quickly, we can help. For those dire situations when you are facing a talent shortage, we can help you.

Once your job request is received by CMT Agency, it will be quoted and require approval. Next, we check availability for the talent that fits your brand’s specific needs. Your CMT Agency Client Services Representative will upload available talent profiles to your online CMT Agency dashboard, allowing you to review and choose the talent.

To ensure the best selection of talent, we recommend booking 3 – 8 weeks in advance of your event. Waiting until the last minute to book talent leads to a higher likelihood that the right talent may not be available. In fact, they may even be at the tradeshow or event you are exhibiting at — working for another brand. CMT Agency welcomes booking same-day events, but for an additional fee.

We recommend using the online form to request talent, but if you prefer to call us, we can be reached at +1 404-233-4644 and would love to speak with you.

We ask clients to create a profile by signing up and submitting their request online. We immediately receive all the event details such as location, times and wardrobe needs. Upon receipt, we create an estimate, and upon approval, we begin identifying the right talent for your brand.

Yes! CMT Agency has a portfolio of talent across the U.S. and around the world. CMT Agency can be your one partner for all your global staffing, eliminating the need to hire an agency in each country. Let us navigate the different languages and process payments in foreign currencies. Working with us provides you a single point of contact for hiring your talent and for your global branding needs.

Our dedicated team focuses on communicating with our talent. We have met many of our talent/models in person and for those we haven’t met, we require recent nonprofessional photos to ensure that they look like their photos. Also, we encourage you to accept our recommendations in terms of which models will perform best, and we certainly welcome phone interviews between clients and talent, when requested. There will not be any charge for the phone interview as long as they are less than 15 minutes in length. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will find a replacement.

For Talent

We book talent all over the world. We have more than 35,000 registered models, talent and staffers listed in our database available for any upcoming event in any city, in any country, around the world. You will receive talent invitations for the cities listed as your work cities. Typically, our clients do not pay expenses, so only list the cities that you can travel to and stay in at your own expense. The exception is if you have a specialized talent (e.g., magician, stilt walker, contortionist or celebrity look-alike).

To become part of our team, register with us and complete your profile application. CMT Agency’s application is rigorous since we expect the best for our clients. We evaluate and carefully select our talent. We ask that you upload at least five (5) professional and nonprofessional photos. Make sure to include clear headshots.

Take the time to upload photos that represent you today, not two years ago. You must fill out each area of the profile application in detail. It is up to you to sell yourself to the client based on your profile. If your profile is not up to the CMT Agency standards then you will not be accepted into our database.

CMT Agency does not accept black and white photos, nor do we accept blurry or distorted  or selfie photos. You should not upload photos that have other people included in the photo unless it is a print ad or a photo of you working at an event. We do not accept cropped photos, party shots or inappropriate photos.

Take a moment to review your profile to see exactly what the client sees when reviewing talent profiles for their job. Make sure your photos are current (within the past six months) and your resume reflects the most recent tradeshow, promotional events and jobs you have held.

In the “About Me” section make sure you talk about your personal passions.

We care about our talent and want to meet their needs. CMT Agency distributes checks 30 –45 days after the last day of the event you worked.