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What does CMT Agency do?

CMT Agency helps companies of all sizes create authentic brand experiences for events, promotions and tradeshows. Whether you need four or four dozen brand ambassadors to work your booth, a field event or an alcohol promotion, you can breathe easy! We have the right people and talent management software to make every event a success.

Our best-in-class talent is aware of the importance of their role in creating memorable experiences that connect and engage your brand with your audience. They help you meet your tradeshow and field marketing objectives, whether it be building brand awareness or lead generation.

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Where does CMT Agency book talent?

We book talent all over the world. We have more than 25,000+ registered models, talent and staffers listed in our database available for any upcoming event in any city or country around the world. Want to work in more than one city? Make sure to update your work city list on your talent profile to receive invitations.

Typically, our clients do not pay for any travel arrangements or expense, so only list those cities that you can travel to and stay at your own in expense. While clients occasionally make exceptions, it usually applies to specialized skills or talent like a magician, stilt walker, contortionist or celebrity look-alike.

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Kizzy, Mike and Amy were awesome! They were personable, polite, friendly, helpful and courteous. CMT Agency is now our partner for our talent needs.

Allison M. - Draeger

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