Adult Beverage

Exposure for Your Alcohol Brand

| December 27, 2018

The term ‘Mixologist’ has eased its way into the modern lexicon of millennials. For the most part, it’s really just a fancy way of calling someone a bartender. But there are a few tenders of the bar that earn their moniker by knowing precisely how to concoct the perfect blended cocktail. Much like a food recipe, there’s a recipe for combining the right ingredients to make a delicious drink. That same methodology goes into promoting the liquors that end up in the glasses poured by the mixologists.

A great liquor promotion can be beneficial for multiple parties. They can help get the name of a brand out there, but they can also give a boost to an existing place of business. There are three prime occurrences where you can get the most out of a liquor promotion.

Car Shows

For the most part, the demographic at a car show will have a lot of overlap with that of many liquors. This can be a large scale car show that takes place at a convention center or state fairgrounds. A liquor brand could be a leading sponsor, creating the largest possible amount of awareness at the event or simply set up a booth and/or deploy promotional models and feast off of the demographic. A smaller scale car show, like those at local restaurants or grocery stores, could have added benefit as a sponsor, by setting up a booth as well the added benefit of being visible by the organic consumers of the locations.

Concerts and Festivals

Again, there’s opportunity in multiple areas with concerts and, on a larger scale, music festivals. The numbers say people are almost 30% more likely to gravitate towards a brand after live events such as a sponsored music festival. There’s also a natural mix of liquor and live music. When you create that connection it’s hard to break it. Festivals give the added exposure of hosting thousands more people than your everyday concert.

Grand Openings

Whether it’s a brand new store or a bar or restaurant having a re-launch, this is where the two-sided effect comes into play. A liquor promotion could be beneficial as far as drawing lovers of that brand to your new digs. It’s also a great place to break in two brands at once, if it’s a new place of business and an up and coming brand.

Whether it’s point of sale displays, free samples and giveaway swag or discount pricing, a liquor promotion is always a perfect way to meet your audience in person. CMT Agency is fully equipped to guide you in developing and staffing your perfect liquor promotion.