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Creating A Winning Atmosphere In Your Tradeshow Booth

| July 24, 2018

Making your presence known at  a tradeshow is the big reason you decided to have a booth this year. It may be your first time appearing on the floor or you may be a veteran. If you are going to make this year a success, you need to make your booth attractive and something your visitors will be talking about for some time after they leave.

Now, if you have ever been at a tradeshow and gone through the booths, you will likely have noticed something. Some companies have lines of people waiting to enter. Other booths barely have a single person stopping in every ten minutes. You might think that it is a big company versus a small company. The reality is that the company that has the lines of people waiting to enter have something to attract people and keep the engaged. That it critical to a successful tradeshow appearance.

What are the critical things you need in place to have a good tradeshow appearance?

  • Something eye-catching to draw attention
  • Printed information for people to have when they leave
  • Swag and/or non-sales items to take home
  • Refreshments
  • Knowledgeable people on the floor

If you bring the best you have to the tradeshow floor, you will have much more success.

So, how can you make your tradeshow appearance the best it can possibly be?

  • Plan ahead for success. You need to have most of the details worked out before you step out on to the tradeshow floor. That means knowing how to layout your booth and who will be staffing the booth at what times.
  • Engage on-site talent earlyIf you choose to bring in promo models, contact a local agency early to ensure you get the best talent. You can coordinate who is coming and when.
  • Arrive early to set-up. You need to know when the trade show floor will open for booth set-up. Give yourself plenty of time to get things set-up and handle any unforeseen problems. It is better to be ready hours early than struggling to be ready on time.
  • Finalize staffing and give any training required. If you have a local talent agency handling your promotional models, try to meet before the tradeshow. This will allow you time to finish any staffing details.
  • Plan at least one notable event for the tradeshow. What is going to be the highlight of your presentation? Make sure you know everything that needs to happen before hand and be ready before the presentation.
  • Be sure everyone has a face-to-face meet and greet in your booth. When someone comes to your booth, they need to have a pleasant face, say “Hello,” and answer questions. That means having plenty of people on hand.
  • Monitor things on the floor. Make sure everything is flowing smoothly. Be on hand to answer questions from the promotional models and your staff. Be sure the swag and non-sales items are in plenty. Be sure to greet long-term customers that visit.
  • Have things available for take-away. Swag and printed sales materials are critical for tradeshow success. You want people to remember your presence on the tradeshow floor.
  • Thank the people who helped you out. When things are winding down, be sure to thank the people who helped out. Even if you are paying their salaries, they have worked hard for you. Saying thank you will make the entire presentation something they will remember as well.

If you think out what you want to do on the tradeshow floor, plan it carefully, and have the right people in place you will see the success you want. Make sure your booth is one with people lining up to enter. Don’t be the booth that has no one visiting.

What do you want to accomplish with your next tradeshow appearance?  CMT Agency can definitely help you staff your booth.  With more talent, more places and more service we can ensure you have the right people at the right time doing more to help your booth be a success. Contact us today for a free quote.