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CMT’s Guide to Preparing for Exhibiting at Tradeshows

| September 14, 2017

Tradeshows and tradeshow models offer a tremendous opportunity for a company – big or small – to build brand awareness and connect with both existing and prospective customers. Exhibiting is an opportunity to share the latest and greatest product innovations highlighting them through demos or talks.

As you prepare to exhibit at a tradeshow, below are a handful of key questions to consider asking your team to ensure successful show preparations.

  • Which tradeshows are most relevant for your brand?

Each year, your brand should identify which shows to exhibit at whether that includes evaluating new shows or proceeding with the tried and true that have the ROI to demonstrate success.


  • Who are you targeting at the tradeshows and what are the objectives?

Be clear on who you are targeting at the show and clarify each show objectives (e.g. Identify 300 new leads or reveal and launch new product.)


  • What is your tradeshow budget?

Identify your budget for each show that includes show fees, cost to produce new or updated marketing materials and the fee for hiring staff  – promotional talent or brand ambassadors – to help with demos, leading VIP tours or capturing leads from booth traffic.  And, remember to factor in travel costs.


  • Can you sign up early to receive discounts?

Sign up for shows early to receive discounts on fees and booking travel earlier can ensure avoiding higher rates incurred with last minute bookings.


  • Do you have the right talent identified for the show?

When a company has a national- or global-scale reach, and is involved in numerous trade shows and other public-facing promotional functions each year, there could be considerable challenge in organizing such events while finding the right talent to enhance each one. That’s why it’s important to hire tradeshow models and a staffing agency anywhere from 4 months to 8 weeks before the show.


  • What is your plan for post-show communication?

Once a show is over, the communication doesn’t stop there. How will your company communicate with new leads and those who stopped by your booth?


CMT provides a better and easier way of providing the talent and tradeshow models you need for a successful tradeshow which will contribute to building your customer relationships, while increasing satisfaction levels and overall loyalty. Contact CMT Agency today to learn more.