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Change Things Up with Costume Characters

| June 29, 2018

CMT Agency Costumed Characters

I grew up going to events for my dad’s business a lot. They would have Christmas tree lots, set up at sporting events, anything where they could get their face out in the small town I was born in. I don’t remember a lot about it, except one thing: Snoopy. When my dad first started working he went out and bought a professional Snoopy costume, and Snoopy became a staple at every event. Parents would come and have their kids pictures taken with Snoopy, and interact with Snoopy, even though Snoopy had nothing to do with anything else at the events. But it got people’s eyes to where my dad needed them to be.

Costume characters create a decisive advantage for you brand when you have them at your tradeshow booth or event. It’s hard to forget the booth that had Spiderman dangling from it or forget the liquor promotion that had Captain Jack Sparrow. That’s what costume characters do for your event; they make it unforgettable. And, they draw those eyes where you want them to be, on your brand.

They also lighten the mood. Let’s face it, corporate events can get a little stuffy at times. They’re buttoned up, and by the book for the most part. What better than a costumed character to come in and break the monotony? It’s a great balance between what either your employees or the hired brand representatives are doing, which is pushing your brand with detailed knowledge and professional interaction. The costume characters will break down a lot of the walls that are built by suits and ties and branded staff shirts.

Costume characters also allow you to bring your ideas to life. They allow you to make a spectacle of your brand, in the best way possible. You can tailor your characters, too. They don’t just have to be random like the Snoopy example. Have a presidential look alike or someone in a bald eagle costume if you’re trying to be patriotic. Have Mickey Mouse in a baseball uniform is you’re at a baseball game. You get the idea. Play to your strengths.

The main reason to have costume characters at your event: the are fun! They put a smile on everyone’s face and doing that gives you a HUGE leg up on the rest of your competition. If people walk away from your booth or event happy and with a memory, you’ve, more than likely, just created another brand advocate.

No matter what your event, CMT Agency has the costume characters you need and anything else your brand needs.