T-Mobile Events Are a Slam Dunk

NBA Nation, the league’s largest mobile basketball playground, rolls into various U.S. cities each year with NBA players and legends to promote the playoffs. As an official sponsor of the event, which runs May through August, T-Mobile has the opportunity to promote its products and services to attendees. The cellular provider needed brand ambassadors in each NBA Nation city to attract visitors to the T-Mobile court, demonstrate products and build a positive brand image.

The Challenge

T-Mobile called on CMT Agency to provide brand ambassadors. “We have extensive available talent around the country that can easily become a part of the T-Mobile team and act as an extension of the company’s sales force,” said Kimi Comiskey, vice president of client services.

The Solution

CMT Agency’s relationship supporting other T-Mobile events meant CMT understood the company’s needs for smart and attractive talent. Using its large database of talent, CMT identified the right people for the job. The agency provided brand ambassadors who were pre-briefed on the client’s promotion and clad in T-Mobile uniforms to support the 10-city tour.

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